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The Groupon Experience

I tried Groupon.

I went to their site and I looked around for a while and then I decided to sign up. For free. Because what did I have to lose?


AND I am winning.

Extra super winning.

My very first Groupon purchase was for prescription eyeglasses. That’s right. You heard me. And the deal was epic.

Groupon was offering $150 worth of prescription lenses and frames for $19. What’s the catch? I wondered. There was no way in heck that I was going to pay only $19 and get $150 worth of credit at this store (Optical 8 Thirty) for glasses. Maybe I had to buy a pair first? Pay for an eye exam? I read every ‘fine print’ type thing I could find and there was nothing. So I thought I’d try it. The kids had broken my glasses five or six months ago, and I have been wearing an older pair with a different prescription in it since then. I figured that $19 wasn’t too much of a gamble to take for possibly getting new glasses with the correct prescription in them; I had, after all, just booked an eye exam with my optometrist ($115) which I would then have to pay for new glasses on top of that ($200-$400).

What did I have to lose?


ON TOP of that, when I went to ‘check out’ and pay for my Groupon, I remembered that I had $10 in Groupon bucks so it only cost my $9!

I was ecstatic. $9.


It was super simple too! All I had to do after I paid was print the voucher out. It had a barcode on it, so that it could only be used one time I assume, and when I handed it to an employee there they didn’t even bat an eye. Amazing!

We went to the store and they were able to take my broken glasses and determine the prescription from them so there was no need for a new eye exam. I then looked at all of the cheapest frames available, had a mini panic attack about having to make choices, gathered my back-up and asked Phil for help, picked new frames and placed my order.

This week we went to the zoo and stopped to pick up my new glasses along the way. I had picked the frames ($98) and ordered my lenses with transitions ($60) because that’s how I like my glasses – no sunglasses required – any applied my $150 credit. Anyone up for some math?

What is $98 + $60 -$150?


Now what is $8 + the $9 I originally paid for the Groupon?


I paid $17 total for brand new frames and prescription lenses with transitions.


Am I the only one whose jaw dropped?

I love Groupon!


And I’d highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet. It’s the bomb, and you’re not obliged to do anything. You just get to surf for awesome deals and then buy them if you want them.

Also, if I refer friends: then I get a $10 Groupon credit that I can then use towards more things, like that photo shoot for only $35 so we can finally get family pictures done.

So click it. Sign up. Buy something. Love deals.

Bam! There it is again.

It’s also in my twitter feed ————–>

Yeah, I had to get twitter or facebook to join Pinterest and twitter didn’t need my phone number.



Versatile Blogger Award

Well, look who’s postingtwo times a day! I get so excited about receiving awards from amazing people, and then I want to do my acceptance and delivery speech but Ican’tschedule a post like that because I have to comment on people’s blog to let them know that they won too, and it’s silly to send them a link and be all ‘check this out on June # at 10:00am, k?’

This then sends me here and makes me feel awesome about doing it, and then a little bad because I follow awesome blogs, but the ones that I’ve been following for longer than a week (and hence know) aren’t exactly…numerous…and although quite deserving, there are a few blogs that are getting multiple awards from me! I guess that’s okay though.

The Versatile Blogger Award comes from F-Words. She says I rule, which is awesome because SHE rules, and that makes for an endless circle of awesomeness. In case the world didn’t know, she’s my BMBF (Blogger Mom Best Friend) and we’ve known each other since forever. Or since April or something.


What what!!

  • Thank and link to the nominator, that’s you F-Words 
  • Tell the interwebs seven (more) things about yourself
  • Nominate 15 blogs that give you love-face

Yeah, I’m running out of creative ways to tell people they’re awesome, so my newest addition to my vocabulary is ‘love-face’. It’s not meant in the romantic sense, but more of a wow, your blog is so awesome it make my face smile with all of the respect and love that I have for your creativity sense.

THINGS ABOUT ME! #8-#14 (although the list is going to pretend it starts at 1. Maybe I should call it Things About Me 2)

  1. I was 13 years old the first time I drank coffee. We were on a class trip in Grade 8 and I lied and said that my parents let me drink coffee at home, so I could be cool. Ugh, it tasted like garbage. Terrible, terrible coffee. I must have put 13+ sugars into the coffee to make it palatable enough to swallow in painful gulps. It was another 3 years before I drank coffee again.
  2. My family never sent Christmas Cards (to my knowledge) but I thought it was such an awesome idea that as soon as I moved out of my parents’ house I started sending my own Christmas Cards every year. I always include a picture of my kids. Everyone loves that.
  3. I used the interwebs to locate some babysitters in my area, I am meeting with them in a couple of weeks for their interviews and so I can see their certifications and get their references. This is a little foolish because I’m super poor now, but I think it will be handy to have some babysitters in my pocket in case I need them. Can you believe they charge $10/hour! I only made $5/hour when I babysat. At least they’re my back-ups, and I do have two kids and a dog. Whatevs.
  4. I play guitar! I can (or used to be able to…so much time has passed) also play: trumpet, drums, clarinet, bells (metal xylophone), tuba and tambourine. Oh yeah, tambourine. (Tambourine has a u in it???)
  5. After the kids go to bed we play video games, watch hockey, a show or movie. The video games we most frequently play are: Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike Source, Killing Floor, and Minecraft; all through the interwebs, some days with my brother and his girlfriend. We also play War in the North, Dance Central, Carnival Games and Adventure Games for the XBox, and back when we had the PlayStation 3 we would play NHL or Formula One.
  6. Now that the warm weather is here I hang the laundry out to dry. I don’t hang the black or dark blue clothes, less for the bleaching effect of the sun and more for the dryer-removes-dog-hair-more-effectively-than-the-wind effect. I also don’t hang underwear or bras. No one else needs to see that.
  7. My bike helmet is grey with lime green on it. Super cool. I wore one as a kid, became too cool as a teenager, and once we started biking together as a family we ALL got helmets to set a good example. And protect our skulls, because dying when you could have prevented it is not cool.

That was pretty good, right? I’m patting myself on the back over those seven as. we. speak. On to my nominations! These are tough because I only get to pick 15, and although that number is too small to encompass all of the blogs I like, it is a massive number if I want to say nice things about them. Like huge. Do you know what’s great about awards though? When you’re reading someone else’s award page you can hold CTRL and left-click on every one of their nominees to open all of those blogs in new tabs. Then you can browse through them and find yourself some new reading material! Awesome bloggers that you too may want to follow. So, although I’m not going to describe these, (I tried to put three words next to each one for my last page, do you know how many times the word ‘Funny’ appeared?) you may want to hold CTRL and left-click yourself some new and awesome blogs to follow. Ka-chow!

  1. yoonanimous
  2. kimberliah
  3. baby love
  4. The Simply Southern Woman
  5. Perfectly Imperfect Momma
  6. Domestic Diva MD
  7. As I See It
  8. Soapfi, and Other Stuff
  9. Joyfully Noisy One
  10. We’re Expecting
  11. Pa-Blam!
  12. lazyhippiemama
  13. justmypeanuts
  14. A Happy Moment A Day – My Project 365
  15. steadily skipping stones

So, there we are! I really appreciate all of the recognition that’s being tossed my way, and because this post took me over an hour to write, it will happen around the same time as the one I had scheduled for today. Oops! Happy reading everyone!


Reader Appreciation Award

I have been so lucky lately. With all of the bleh and uncertainty circling my life right now because: I have to admit that I am still poor and should take more actions to fix it; my ex wouldn’t give me time to have two birthday parties in one month, so I had to change the dates for the kids’ parties; and I am pulling a mental blank for two epic Father’s Day gifts, one for my dad and one for my boyfriend, both of whom are epic fathers – it’s been nothing but amazing to have been lucky enough to receive three awards all within a week! This has definitely been a huge mood-lifter for me, it’s amazing to think that people appreciate what I have to say, and that they’re willing to write something nice about me in order to show me. So thank you.

This particular thank you goes to lazyhippiemama for gifting me the Reader Appreciation Award. The comment she left started with “I love your blog so much…” uh, I don’t think my grin could get any bigger. Seriously. Then to find out that she sent a lovely award my way, well it took my mood from a -5 (fake scale) due to the person who is griefing my blog, all the way to a +15! THANK YOU!!!

And, since I am such a stickler for the rules, (okay, I’m not. You know that, I know that, but I like the rules for awards. So sue me, haha.) I search the interwebs high and low and found the listed format of rules for this award. Here goes.

  1. Include the award logo somewhere in your blog.
  2. Answers the 10 included questions.
  3. Nominate 10-12 blogs you enjoy.
  4. Provide links to these blogs and let the bloggers know that they’ve been nominated.
  5. Thank and link your nominator.

Ready for the questions?

What is your favourite colour?

Pink. Especially when paired with lime green.

What is your favourite animal?

Hmmmm. That’s tough. I love a whole bunch of animals. Except raccoons. *shudder* Rhinoceroses are pretty awesome. Spider monkeys. Done. The answer is spider monkeys.

What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink?

Water. Yeah, be shocked. Coffee pulls in a close second, but nothing is more satisfying for your thirst then a cold water. I don’t even eat meals without drinking because I get so parched.

Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?

Hahahahahahahahahaha! Well, I’ve used Facebook in the past, so I guess I have to say Facebook. Even though they’ll sell you soul for money. I’ve never used Twitter, but I’m sure they take your information some how too. Oh yeah, I’m that person.

What is your favourite pattern?

Ummm, is ‘small-repeating-pictures’ a pattern? I love pyjama pants, dresses, or pants that have small repeating pictures (of animal, for example) all over them. I think they’re cute and fun. Don’t get me wrong though, I hate those teeny tiny repeating flower buds that made an appearance on everyone’s bedspread at some point. If that’s not a pattern, then geometric. I’m pretty sure that’s a pattern.

Do you prefer giving or getting presents?

Giving. I like getting things, but I don’t like having to react to getting things. I much prefer planning out awesome presents, wrapping them, and then watching the expression on someone’s face when they open their gift. It’s amazing. That’s why Christmas is my favourite time of year, of course.

What is your favourite number?

3. It’s been my favourite number since as long as I can remember. Did you know that the triangle is the strongest shape? It has three sides.

What is your favourite flower?

This would be the Kordana Rose. Those are the miniature roses that you see in stores sometimes. Their petals are a little pointier looking than the typical roses, but I love how minute and delicate they look, with an edge of butt-kickery. I don’t dislike any flower really.

What is your passion?

Children. Mine drive me crazy. Just nuts. But I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life. Not one thing.

My nominations! My window of time for blogging is quickly closing (silly children, requiring care and attention), so I’m not going to write a blurb about each one of these. I just want to say that these 12 blogs are blogs that I truly enjoy getting the emails about new posts from. Thanks for being so awesome. And if you are a certain blogger who has received an award or two from me already, there was a limit of 12 and I had to cut you for fairness. Sorry.

Jonah said/Ben said

very VERY busy mom





Feisty Red Hair

Homereferee’s Blog


My Toddler Peed In The Fridge


Becoming Mrs. B

Thank you to everyone for being amazing bloggers! Keep up the good work.


Toasted Family

Because I hate thinking of titles. See what happens?

I didn’t post yesterday. Did you notice? I did. I was itching. I was also at the fair most of the day, and that was awesome. Then, when we got home, I laid on the couch exhausted for a while, made some dinner, put the kids down and collapsed on the couch for some marathon TV watching. Wooo!

Hey, do you want to hear how awesome Phil is? Because I’m going to tell you, and for serious, if you don’t want to know you should probably close this window.

Phil is so awesome that he worked a twelve hour shift – over night – and came home at 7:30 this morning and then washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen for an hour before he went to sleep. When I came downstairs to make breakfast, there is my hunky hubby with nearly every dish washed and put away. I now have access to a counter that I haven’t been able to use in a while.

While I was marvelling at his hard work, dedication, and overall awesomeness he surprises me by reaching into the microwave and producing the coffee that he picked up for me on his way home from work. Because he ‘didn’t think he’d have enough time to make me some before the noise woke me up’.

Are you jealous? Right now, it’s okay to be jealous. I would be.

So, Phil…I love you. Thanks for making my morning amazing. Using the motivation and free time that he gave me I was able to clean the rest of the main floor. I’ve been putting this daunting task off for a while. Sigh sometimes he just amazes me. Flat out amazes me.


That Glint of Light? That’s My Smile.

I don’t know if I can describe how big my grin was this morning. But, to put it in perspective let’s just say I was smiling before I even sipped my first cup of coffee. Can you believe that? I was nominated for a Liebster Award!

That is so amazing, it’s ridiculous. This is an award for blogs that have less than 200 followers (see! this is why you need to display your followers!) that are awesome-face. I’m fairly certain that’s a real adjective. To graciously accept said award I have to follow some rules. Is everyone ready?

  1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog. Uh, obviously. Thank you newlifeinvermont for this amazing award! You made my morning, and that is saying a lot given I hadn’t made my way to happy-ville (read: the bottom of my first cup) yet. You rock!
  2. Link back to the blogger who presented you the award. Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink! This link right here is for a post of her’s that I read recently that really hit a spot for me. I’m glad that there is optimism for people who find themselves, their kids, and their families in that sort of situation. Honesty is amazing to find.
  3. Copy and paste the award on your blog. Let’s see….                    tah dah!
  4. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers.Who are awesome. That’s my addition.
  5. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment on their blog. I can handle that!

My Nominees for the Liebster Blog Award are: (I seriously can’t find anybody’s follower number, so I had to guess. I chose people whose blogs I loved and who hadn’t been around all that long.)

  1. Mama. Papa. Bubba. because I love seeing all of the activities she does with her daughter. She has inspired me on several occasions to step up my mothering!
  2. Sillyliss because she is honest, funny, and relatable. It’s like having coffee with an old friend when I read her posts.
  3. F-Words because she is hilarious. Want to know the truth about parenting in adult speak? Check it out.
  4. StephiCakes because we have such similar parenting styles, and it’s refreshing to hear someone else talk about their frustrations and know it’s not just me.
  5. Omnomalicious because she has clever writing and delicious recipes. A deadly combination.

And I just had deja vu about writing this list. What are the chances of that? Remnants of some awkward dream that I had many years before all of this blogging became. I really need another cup of coffee.