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How Eczema and Explorer Teamed Up to Slow My Blog

First I fell behind. Camping and whatnot.

Then Internet Explorer did a terrible thing and crashed each and every one of your blogs at least three times when I went to view your new posts. This is why my comments have been more infrequent and most of the time I only click ‘Like’ if I like them. Luckily, Phil recommended that I install Mozilla Firefox – which I did – and now your pages no longer crash.

But then there’s the eczema. I’m in the middle of a flare up right now, so my fingers hurt. Typing is slow and riddled with errors. I tried to take a picture to show you guys but it’s really hard to hold/focus/light a picture of your right hand because it’s so close to your not-as-steady left hand.

Then I tried to Google “eczema on hands” to show you a picture and I wanted to vomit. For serious. I increased my pulse and shallowed my breathing looking at that nasty shiz.

I found one though.









THIS is the closest picture to my eczema that I could find.

Picture from here.

Right now my ring finger has a crater in it (from the eczema pussing, breaking open and then burning away the flesh in a certain area) that is pulling the skin around it tight and confusing my nerves. My pinky thinks it’s in pain, but when I touch it…it’s not…

So one to three of my fingers at any given time are wrapped up which makes it difficult to bend them and then to type and such.

I will be back soon! We have so much to catch up on!


Sunny Sunday

Today is a beautiful day. I have been inside all morning catching up on my cleaning from being so sick. Not my dishes though, thank you Gramma!

Today is also one of Phil’s days off, so although he was out doing our grocery shopping this morning, we will be outside doing family fun things this afternoon. After nap. More cleaning, yay!

Since I was so sick, I also didn’t have time to prewrite any of my posts 😦 so, to tide you all over I have thrown in a couple of pictures.

You’re welcome.

Ally’s artwork of Phil and I.

Kira snuggling with Edie.


Ally’s drawing of the “Backsoon” from Winnie The Pooh. Pronounced ‘bak-sun’, he is an imaginary creature that all of the friends are convinced kidnapped Christopher Robin. This is based on Owl’s mis-reading of “Back Soon” on the note that Christopher Robin left, explaining his absence. I thought it was hilarious that she wanted to draw it.

The Backsoon, for your reference.

So, hopefully tomorrow will bring a little time to sit back, catch up on some reading and blog to my heart’s content. In the meantime, enjoy a coffee for me…mine still taste like copper. 😦


Mother In Law

I have a theory about mother-in-laws. Or father-in-laws. The theory is this: everyone‘s parents are crazy. Period. But you get use to your parents crazy as you grow up with them. One day you fall in love and get married (hear the blue birds? So sweet) and suddenly you have more parents. And these parents are crazy too. But here’s the hard part. You’re not use to this kind of crazy. This is all so sudden and new. And your spouse? They’re not use to your parents crazy either. And that’s why in-laws are given such a bad rep.

I was knocked on my rear by this sickness these past few days. Just KO’d.

I was talking to my mother-in-law over BlackBerry Messenger (because we’re cool like that…it’s okay to be jealous) and when she discovered I was sick she immediately offered to bring me something.

Me: Oh no. Phil will be home by 8 so I can ask him to pick something up if I need it. The house is so embarrassing, we’ve dirtied all of the dishes and standing is exhausting, so I tried to order some family pack thing that we could have for lunch and dinner. I got all the way to the end before I realized they didn’t do debit for delivery! I cried on the phone to the girl! :S Poor girl! (word for word…I get a little delirious when I get sick. Also, I did cry on the phone. True story.)

MIL: Tell you what. I will leave work at 3:30 and come over and give you a hand until Phil comes home. It will give you a chance to rest. I can pick up dinner for you and it will be earlier than 8.

Me: But it’s a disaster here! It’s really the most disgusting that I have ever had a house ever. I know I’m a little messy, but this is gross. I’d be horrified.

MIL: I’m the closest you have to a mom right now so please don’t worry about it. I will see you shortly.

Me: Thanks mommy. 🙂 I think the kids will appreciate someone interacting with them.

MIL: I’m on my way with Chinese and soup for you.

No word of a lie. She came with Chinese and chicken noodle soup for me. It was delicious. It was the first thing that I ate in its entirety that stayed down. And to explain one of her comments, I don’t have a mommy. My mom left when I became pregnant with Ally. I haven’t seen her in almost four years and I haven’t spoken to her in almost two.

I tried to tidy before she showed up, but I was exhausted and dizzy and gave up. My mother-in-law showed up, fed the kids, fed me some soup, washed what must have been every dish in my house (God, I’m a pig), and threw on a load of laundry. Then she watched the kids while I napped, made me a tea, and stayed with us until Phil got home from work. I have never been more touched by a gesture from someone, someone who knows that without a mother I lose out on a lot of things that other people get. Like free babysitting. Talking about my vagina. And help when I’m really sick.

Things to remember to offer your kids as they grow up, folks. The lesson is here.

So, THANK YOU to an amazing woman and a beautiful gesture that I really really needed. Thank you for helping to fill a void that only a mother could.


So Sick….Blargh

Yesterday was the sickest sick day ever since for a long time. I realize that makes no sense but when I get sick I want to be a child again. With a parent who loves and cuddles me. Which may be why I got sick to start…

This may be graphic. I don’t like to suffer alone.

Kira threw up on Saturday. Twice. It was terrible. Then she slept for almost the entire day and had diarrhea. Pale, yellow diarrhea. It was odd. I had been feeling a little nauseous for a while, but I chalked it up to being really lazy at cooking and not eating as well as I should have been.


That was not it.

Kira has had diarrhea (pale, yellow diarrhea) consistently since Saturday, and on Wednesday I started to feel really sick. I got a little of ye ol’ diarrhea myself and was really nauseous in the face area. I wanted to yarf, but I dislike yarfing, so I took some Gravol in order to not yarf. (Stay with me now)
Then yesterday I woke up feeling like crap, all feverish and nauseous and b.s. and I got the kids dressed and took the dog out for a pee (and poop, thanks for respecting my nausea, dog) and put the box of Oatie-O’s on the table, told Ally to serve herself and went upstairs to vomit.


Bedridden. For the rest of the day. And by bedridden, I mean couch ridden, because I still tried to supervise my kids.

Getting up to do anything made me super nauseous and dizzy, so I didn’t. Unless it was to go upstairs to maybe vomit or have blue diarrhea. Thanks Powerade! That’s just wrong.

So I still feel like crap today. Less like crap, but still like crap. Which is why this post is over now. And I’ll add my signature image at the bottom on a different day when I feel less like crap.

Let me give you a hint: 0 cups of coffee. Yarf. Not while I’m this nauseous.