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What’s the Deal with Twitter?

I couldn’t help but notice that somebody searched “twitter coffee powered mom” yesterday. Yeah, I check my search terms. So, if you’re still around and curious. No I do not have Twitter. Or Facebook. I tried to get Facebook a while ago for this blog and it was all “we need your phone number or you may never access this account again” so I chose to never access the account again.

I guess I just don’t understand all that is Twitter. Isn’t it just a bunch of status updates? I mean, don’t I bore you guys enough with my constant posting of what parks we went to or crafts we did? The food I ate??

So I guess my question is: What’s the deal with Twitter?

And to entertain you: a picture of an awesome-tastic bird that Kira and I saw when we went on a walk yesterday.

I would really love a book of ‘100 Basic Birds You’ll Encounter In Southern Ontario” because the kids love birds, and I love birds, and I can name about 8. Sigh.

On to a more serious post! (Please still love me afterwards)


My Chart Topper

If I was a song writer, I would be rich.

Remember how nasty people are ending up at my blog because of a certain post I wrote containing a certain word?

I don’t want to encourage more behaviour like this, so let’s just say that the post’s title rhymed with Miniature Buddhist Colony. I got more hits from people typing various forms of new-dist into their search bars, and I really don’t want traffic from people who are looking for free nuddy bits. Yuck. So I’ve renamed my post. I had to rename it AND change the URL in case that still draws the spectators.


So! In case you were wondering about that story that was cute because Kira learned to undress herself constantly and surprise us when we come to get her, it is now called: Taking It Off which I hope still gets across the ‘lack of clothing’ point with less of the ‘skin exposure’ point.

So, you know…

Times when cleaning is less important than playing nicely!

PS Phil made delicious strawberry rhubarb pie tonight, and that is my favourite kind of pie. 😀 This makes me have a happy face! Excellent!

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