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Happy Holidays – Photo Challenge

Welcome to coffeepoweredmom’s THIRD Photo Challenge!

The theme for this challenge is: Happy Holidays

The guidelines for Happy Holidays are these: Take a photo of you and/or your family enjoying the holidays. People DO NOT have to be in the picture if you prefer your anonymity or creative picture angles. Food, presents, visiting, holiday symbols (Christmas tree, menorah, kinara, etc.) decoractions…be creative! ********Remember to include your coffee/hot beverage!**********


  • include your coffee in the picture. Tea is also acceptable. Or hot chocolate. A hot beverage of some form.
  • The photo must contain a hot beverage vesicle! If you do not drink any hot beverages then you are weird. But you can always fill a mug with water! Or leave it empty… MUG! Disposable hot beverages cups are also allowed.
  • The photo must be yours! I’m not going to go to any great lengths to verify this, but don’t be lame.
  • You can submit one, two, or three photos that are within the parameters of the contest. Nothing vulgar.
  • The top three winners will have their photos turned into badges that display their winningness. I am open to better prizes, but I am cheap and this is what it is.
  • Submit the photo to me! Either email me: or post the photo on your own blog and link the living snot out of it!

Please be aware that all contestants may submit one, two or three photos, but no more than three for the contest. Submissions must be emailed to me at or posted on your own blog and linked by comment by MIDNIGHT EST on January 4th, 2013. I am, of course, lenient and if they are in my inbox by the time I sit down for my morning coffee on January 5th I will look the other way. ALSO, if you celebrate a holiday that occurs AFTER January 4, then please let me know and I will extend the contest deadline! We celebrate Christmas in my house, but the contest is inclusive to all holidays!!!

Voting will open at 10am EST on January 5th 2013 and will close at 9am EST on January 12th 2013.

Past photo challenges can be found here.

To your cameras!!!

Please comment if you have any questions or concerns. If I need to clarify things then I will, Happy Holidays!


I Need Some Help

And not the psychiatric kind…..I don’t think any of you are qualified to give me that.


I want to have a post theme for December. Some sort of (perhaps daily) theme that I can really get into, post often, and is most likely Christmas related.

I’d have to say, I’m a little pessimistic about this, mainly because nobody has emailed me in my last plea for help about dealing with anger issues with your children.


I’m hoping people may be more apt to jump on the happiness band wagon and provide me with some awesome ideas of how to spread some Christmas cheer. Cheaply. I am poor after all.


Bows and holly,



Blog Tag

If this was a real game of tag, I would be the fat kid left at the bottom of the flight of stairs. Panting.

Grandmalin at Breathing Space tagged me to play Blog Tag on July 17. I’ll let that sink in. So here I am, almost two months later, finally trying to take a crack at it. Being less lazy at cleaning makes me epically lazy at blogging. Sheesh.

THANK YOU GRANDMALIN!!! It was very nice of you to tag me, and I really do appreciate it – even if I’m super lazy and you may have thought that I forgot or decided not to do it. This is a lot of work, after all… huzzah!!!

The rules for playing blog tag are….

  • You must post the rules
  • Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post
  • Create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged (or use the existing ones)
  • Tag (eleven) people with a link to your post
  • Let them know they’ve been tagged

HOKAI! Here are the questions that I’ve been given:

1.  When is the last time you did something for the first time? Hermmmmmmm…….well, for Phil’s birthday we went to Wonderland and I rode Leviathan for the first time, alternatively I put my arms UP on several roller coasters for the first time. That would have been one month ago.

2.  What would your life be incomplete without? My family! If I had to choose a material possession I would sayyyyyyyy my camera. Or coffee. Probably my camera though.

3. What is your greatest fear? Dying. Leaving my kids because I’ve died and then having them deal with the ensuing mess. Maybe even having them live in different houses after my death.

4.  What makes you smile or laugh out loud? Phil. And when my kids try to be funny, or are funny accidentally.

5.  What’s your worst habit, and what are you doing to change it? My worst habit has been having angry outbursts. I have had to try to relearn how to deal with my anger so that I can teach my children to deal with their anger appropriately.

6.  Who (or what) is your best friend? Aunt Jodi is my bestest friend ever and we didn’t even like each other six years ago. Phil is also my best friend, but I named him second because his main title is “boyfriend”.

7.  What makes you sad (or mad) enough to cry (or punch somebody)? Sad enough to cry? Pretty much anything that shows a parent losing their child or a child being exceptionally amazing at life. Mad enough to punch somebody? Liars.

8.  If you owned a boat, what would you name it? Ally says she’d name her boat “Cana”. The spelling is improvised by me. Kira says she’d name her boat “Lifejacket”. I guess I’d have to name my boat “Cana Lifejacket” and I would require that everyone aboard wore lifejackets. It doesn’t matter how well you can swim if you’re unconscious…

9.  What’s your proudest accomplishment? Other than raising my kids? Ermmmm enrolling in school.

10.  What did you want to be when you grew up and how did that work our for you? A mom! And it’s going pretty well, thanks. My back up plan was to be a teacher, and I’m beginning that journey as well.

11.  If you were making a movie about your life, what actors would you chose to play yourself and your significant other(s)? A movie about my life. Hmmm. I’m not too versed in all of the actorly people out there… I would want to be played by Jennifer Garner. I think she’s could capture me being happy and silly, as well as be able to produce the darker more painful sides of my life.

I guess I would cast Ryan Reynolds to play Phil because he’s versatile enough to show Phil’s softer mushy side while still capturing his sense of humour and intense passion.

(Question number 12 is Do you hate me for tagging you?  but you can skip that one if you think I won’t like the answer.) No, I don’t. I’m flattered. 😀


I’m going to tag eleven people before I write my eleven questions. Here are the people who I TAG to play Blog Tag.

Psst….you’re it!

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  2. wifemothereventplanner
  3. Jestidwell’s Blog
  4. Fine Frugality
  5. Pa-BLAM
  6. Don’t Forget to Feed the Baby
  7. themotherofnine
  8. The High Need Baby Blog
  9. no time for ironing
  10. bobthemartian
  11. Perfectly imperfect momma

And now, my lovely and participational friends, my questions for you:

  1. I’m not big on having regrets. What was your biggest regret and why do you think that it helped you to get where you are today? After all, if you had changed it, something else about you would have changed.
  2. Where is your favourite place to be?
  3. How much money do you spend on groceries every month?
  4. Is there an errand that you hate running with a particular vengeance?
  5. Have you ever had surgery? And for what?
  6. What day is garbage day?
  7. Are your parents married? Divorced? Married to other people?
  8. Fill in the blanks. I think people are ___________ when they ___________.
  9. Do you have a recurring dream? About what?
  10. Have you started your Christmas (or other winter holiday) shopping?
  11. Do you have a particular trait, characteristic, etc. that you do NOT want to pass on to your kids?

There we are. Musings from my twisted mind. Huzzah!


The Great Outdoors Photo Challenge – Entries and Voting

Welcome to coffeepoweredmom’s SECOND Photo Challenge! After a sudden influx of entries there are now SIXTEEN possible photos to vote for! Given the amount of entries this time, I have set up the poll at the end to allow you each to vote for THREE photos. You may vote for two or one if you choose, but you are allowed to vote for three. The captions on the photos number them (hello, thanks for randomizing the entry order for me) and the number are used to associate the photo on the poll at the bottom. Each picture, if clicked, will take you to the participant’s blog.

Thank you to every one who participated (and to those who didn’t but will help us determine the winner by voting), the turnout this round was more than I expected and I am quite happy! You guys are an awesome group of people.

If you prefer not to be swayed by names then I would recommend that you look at the photos, pick your top three and remember their numbers before you reach the poll at the bottom. The poll lists the numbers and the names.

Voting closes at 9am, EST on July 15th 2012. Enjoy! Pick three!





















This is the point where you will want to memorize your favourite numbers before you see the names attached to them. If you aren’t too concerned about that, then power on through!





Here is the poll, you can vote for up to three different photos. Winners will be announced at 10am EST on July 15th 2012!


Extension Tension

Dear Readers:

I love you. You are all awesome and the reason that I write all the time. Your feedback fills me with joy. I am torn about my photo challenge. Sad, even. Here is a poll.

Be honest.