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Frame Winner and Backyard Pictures

To make the draw as fair as possible, I used’s List Generator. I entered all of the ballots in the order that they appeared on my screen at 10am EST on May 8th. This list was as followed:

lorajbanks – like; betsyk1 – like; skippingstones – like; wifemothereventplanner – like; sillyliss – like; Aunt Jodi – follower; Aunt Jodi – frame plans; wifemothereventplanner – follower; wifemothereventplanner – frame plans; sillyliss – follower; sillyliss – frame plans; lorajbanks – follower; lorajbanks – frame plans

I then hit Randomize and took a screen shot for proof.

The winner of the first ever giveaway on coffeepoweredmom, the lucky person who gets to own this frame is:

SILLYLISS!!!  For being an awesome follower! Woooooo!!! Congratulations! Please email your address to and allow a long time for me to get to a postal office to mail it to you! Before July, I promise. You also get to participate in the ‘neversharemypersonaladdresswithanyoneandiwontshareyourseither‘ unwritten agreement that comes with all coffeepoweredmom giveaways! Yay!

And as mentioned, pictures of the kids in the backyard. This was on Day 1 of my sickness, in case you’re keeping a mental timeline.


Frame of Mind

I went to Ikea last week!

God, that was awful and amazing all at once. I love Ikea, and I love Aunt Jodi, but sometimes I want to Leevu Mii Kihds on a Chellf Szumwair.

Hahaha, I crack myself up sometimes.

So, want to know what I bought at Ikea? Picture frames. Little wooden picture frames for awesome-craft time with Ally.

I’ll admit, this craft was a little beyond Ally, but she was a great helper and only got upset when she got a little burned by the hot glue. Mommyfail, oops.

You’ll need! Wooden picture frames, random beads, hot glue, and the leftover pieces from that puzzle that you glued to the cardboard from a cereal box. You know, the puzzle that you then hung in the bathroom at your last apartment to decorate. It was posing as a picture. Then it didn’t really survive the move to your new house and a couple of pieces, okay a lot of pieces, fell off and went missing so it can’t be used for decoration anymore. That puzzle.

The first step is to pick a bunch of puzzle pieces off of that cardboard cereal box. (If you really can’t find the one from your old bathroom then I’m sure you can use another puzzle that is missing pieces.) Once you have a large enough pile, you may begin. Glue puzzle pieces and beads and any other decorations you have chosen onto your wooden picture frames. Burn self. Burn child. Make a huge bead-y mess. Try not to take over (F-Words). Take over a little bit and consider it “helping”. Create magnificent picture frames for gifts!

And now comes the fun part.

coffeepoweredmom is giving away one of the delectable, handmade picture frames to one lucky reader. This is what I really wanted to use Rafflecopter for, but since it no work…it no work. I will do it the old-fashioned way. Manually. *shudder*

If you would like to win a picture frame, specifically this one:

(center, with the word RAM on it)

then you must enter! There are several different ways to enter this awesome contest of epic proportions, and each way counts for a ballot/chance:

1) Follow coffeepoweredmom. If you are already a follower, leave a comment letting me know you want a ballot for being an awesome follower, so I don’t include those who are not interested in winning said epic-prize. “Ballot!” counts as a comment.

2) Comment on this post letting me know the awesome plans that you have for this picture frame.

2) ‘Like’ this blog post.

3) Con a friend into visiting my site, where they can leave a comment with your name in it. If they don’t write your name then I will assume that they just stopped in and thought my blog was awesome. (Still cool)

4) Con a friend into following my blog. If they leave a comment saying it was you, then you get two ballots – one for the new commenter and one for a new follower. They can also enter the contest by following the above rules.

Now, this may seem like I am selling my blog on the street like candy (which I am…come here little reader…step into my bloggy van) and it is. But it’s also because I really love making these connections with other bloggers and thought that someone may think a picture frame made by my kid was cute. Maybe that’s just me though… Besides, if no one enters my contest then I’ll just be really sad and lonely…and I’ll tell Ally that no one wanted her picture frame.

Now, if that’s not a guilt trip I don’t know what is!

I’m excited to see what happens! If there’s no interest, then I’ll know that giveaways are not my thing, but at this point I thought I’d give it a go. I’d even accept constructive criticism: “That’s not a real prize.” “Giveaways are lame.” “I don’t come here to be coerced into pimping your blog.” Feedback is a good thing.

The contest starts at 10am EST on May 1st 2012, and ends at 10am EST on May 8th 2012.