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349 Days of Absenteeism

Hey Everyone (who is still following my blog after almost an entire year of no posts)!

I had a baby! Her name is Charlotte and she is the sweetest little baby (and the easiest out of our brood). That makes three girls in our lovely family, and May heralded the end of 16 consecutive months of school for me. I am currently into my second month of summer vacation, which means that over the last week or so my house has actually been clean.

Weird, right?

I return to my studies in September, pending an approval of this year’s funding from OSAP. I’m anxious to see how much I may qualify for since we are now common-law spouses.

Speaking of spouses: I may or may not be getting legally wed in 2015!


I know, right?!

The “may not” part comes from this lovely pile of anxiety that I have developed that makes me really not want to get married when my mother-in-law gets pushy with her ideas of a “ceremony”, while all that we want is to sign on the dotted line and then have a nice dinner at a restaurant.

I am trying one more online, google-search-result wedding officiator, but if I can’t find someone who can legally marry us without either of us having to endure a lot of pomp and circumstance then we will take a big, flying pass on the marriage thing and I’ll just get a name change.

So, that rant paused, I am also in the midst of planning our two summer birthday parties for our older two who are going to be 4 and 6 very soon. How does that happen so quickly?

I’ll leave this here for now, because I am currently only powered by 2 coffees.

I’ve missed you all!

-Coffee Powered Mom




Well, That Didn’t Last Long

Hahaha, remember how I agreed to do a photo challenge?

Yeah, unfortunately that’s not going to happen.

With this winter funk going on right now, and the fast approaching Christmas season (Can you believe there’s only 7 more days?!?!) I just can’t seem to muster the energy to try and do these daily photos or crafts right now. Bummer, right?

To top it all off I start Semester 1 on January 1, 2013 so I have been receiving text books, student manuals, course outlines, letters from the school, etc. and it is so overwhelming that I don’t know how much of my time I will be able to allot to blogging anymore! I’m stressed and anxious, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. I just want to give you guys a heads up that you may hear from me even less often than you have been (up to December, that is) but that I will still be here and I have every intention of blogging whenever time and energy will allow me to.

I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I’ll see you back here for the Holiday Photo Challenge (click the picture to the right —>) so remember to take your photos of your hot beverage getting in on some of your family-holiday-fun-times. 😀

Lots of love,




Kira’s Second Birthday Party

Weeks upon weeks of late.

What can I say? My eczema is not getting better, and I’ve been really busy lately – trying to relearn my cleaning habits and planning my future and all that.


Kira turned 2! And we had her birthday party a couple of days before the big event. On a Monday.

Why on a Monday? Well…Ally is with her dad three out of every four weekends, so it was more conducive to our schedules to have Kira’s party (with just family and adult friends) on a Monday evening. We had a backyard barbeque!

Kira’s birthday party had an airplane theme because she loves airplanes. I purchased a bunch of dollar store airplanes for decorations, and each of them came with a cardboard picture of the plane next to a small diagram for assembly, and the back of each piece of cardboard was just a big image of clouds in the sky. I cut the instructional diagram off of the end of each piece of cardboard, hole punched the top corners of each piece, wrote ‘Happy’ ‘Birthday’ ‘Kira’ on the clouded side and alternated plane, sky, plane, sky, plane sky as a homemade birthday banner.

I’m really sorry if that’s confusing. I made it three or four days before the party and I thought I had taken a picture of it…but I guess I didn’t.

So I had a bunch of cardboard ends now that had clouds in sky on one side, and airplane assembly diagrams on the other. After doing a quick mental letter count I cut the pieces up so that I had enough of them to create a smaller secondary banner.

I took a picture of this one! *grin*

The party was at 4pm, so Phil and I decorated all through the nasty peak sun while the girls were napping. (At least, Kira was napping. I’m 95% sure Ally was just reading quietly, but I’ll take it!) After they woke up we brought them outside to show Kira her birthday party decorations.

“Oooooh! B’loons!!!”

This is a picture of Kira’s descent into the backyard, but it was the best picture of her birthday outfit.

I always try to buy a birthday dress that goes with the theme of the party, unable to find ‘airplane’ patterned clothes, I stumbled across this dress in the clearance section one day. It looked to me like a cloud in the sky. So I purchased it and then later bought toy airplanes which I sewed on to the dress. I used the third airplane and braided it into a headband made entirely of wool.

Also, those are her second full braids ever. She’s so big.

This is one of the airplanes that I assembled from the dollar store. I hung them on some wool and then strung them out along our laundry line. The proof is in the clothes pins.

Each one of those pins is holding an airplane. There are also two hanging from the trellis by the shed, and these four:

Kira in her ‘Birthday Girl’ chair.

This is the cake that Aunt Heather made for Kira.

Then Kira opened her gifts, which she loved! I’m not a big fan of displaying what other people gifted her, so you will all have to survive on this single picture of Kira sitting with me while we read one of her cards.

It was a great party, and Kira loved every minute of it.

I’ve got to go now, the kids are fighting and I need to run out to the store. Until next time!


Magnetic Calendar

Have I ever mentioned that I was an Assistant Teacher for Kindergarten a few years back?

Yeah, I was.

Every morning the kids would gather for circle and they would find the date on this velcro calendar thing and talk about the weather. It is so cute. I thought, since Ally is starting kindergarten this fall, that it would be neat to have our own little version of this calendar.

You will need:

  • magnetic sticky paper
  • printer paper with awesome words printed on it
  • exacto knife
  • ruler
  • cutting board
  • patience

First of all you’re going want to print out whichever words you would like, in awesome colourful designs of course.

Days of the week, months, and numbers 1 through 31 for all possible dates. You are then going to need to cut the words out using your exacto knife, ruler and cutting board. Or scissors if you’d like…

The next step is to begin peeling back the plastic on the magnetic sticky paper. This will reveal the sticky side which you can adhere your papers to. I peeled a small section and then placed the paper, then peeled more and added more paper over and over again to discourage things like hair from getting stuck on the magnet.

Another tip for this step would be to put the biggest pieces of paper on first, and then fill in the available magnet space with the smaller pieces – in my case, the numbers.

If you still have available magnet left then you could save it, orrrrr you could put it to use with magnetic art labels! This also allows me to introduce the rule that they can each only put 4 pieces of art on the fridge (4 labels each) and therefore my fridge doesn’t look like the floor of a bombed office.

I also let them each draw small pictures (above you can see Ally’s pictures of every member of our family) that I cut out and stuck into the spare spaces. I also added a couple of small drawings myself to utilize as much of this magnet paper as possible.

After everything is stuck on, you then cut out the magnets with a sturdy pair of scissors; stick them to your fridge however you’d like. I chose to organize mine as if they were a calendar, lining the dates up with the appropriate day of the week.

You can see the art labels holding up some of their precious drawings at the bottom of the photo.

More recently I have moved all of the extra month magnets to the side of the fridge so that only the days of the week and numbers are visible on the freezer door.

Every morning the girls will pick the appropriate day of the week (Tuesday) and appropriate number (10) and place them on either side of the month (July). This has been helping Ally learn the present date, passage of time, and days left until events; and it has been helping Kira practice saying the names of the days of the week.

Very simple, all it requires is a little time to invest in writing the words, sticking the paper and cutting the magnets. The girls keep insisting that they love it, and the educational value is a definite bonus for me.


PS I have been working on improving my house keeping skills, which as anyone with any form of attention disorders knows, is hard as sin. This has been absorbing most of time, although I feel like I am starting to make significant improvements in my routines and behaviours. Perhaps, at a later date, I will be able to write all about my successes. I am also still battling terrible eczema that is inhibiting my ability to fully bend my last two fingers on my right hand AND I am trying to renew my interest in post-secondary education which involves a lot of hoop jumping and financial planning. Let’s throw in a dash of: 3 birth days, 2 birthday parties and 1 birthday outing all in a 40 day window and you have the making of a very busy, highly undercaffeinnated momma. I love you all, and I am still around, I’m just…cleaning things.

Lots of bloggy love,



Canada Day Picnic

Probably the best way to spend Canada Day. Ever.

Here is a little slideshow for your enjoyment.

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