Getting through the day, one cup at a time.

It’s Irreparably Broken



not reparable; incapable of being rectified, remedied, or made good: an irreparable mistake.

This is terrible. Ally will be coming home from her dad’s house soon, and I never forgot to tidy the toys before Kira and I went out to the park. Edie chewed up Ally’s ‘computer’. It’s a V-Tech Reader thing that costs money and I don’t even know if they make it any more but the dog destroyed it and now it doesn’t work anymore. She ate the screen. THE SCREEN!

Ally is going to be crushed. She’s going to be devastated. She will cry about this for weeks on end. Mark my words. She’ll still be crying about this when she goes to school in September.

I want to soften the blow somehow. Be a super mom. Someone who won’t be frustrated by the sadness and whining that will follow because this is a huge deal for her and there’s nothing I can do about it.



Dr. Seuss’ Worst Review

My grandmother gave the girls a used Dr. Seuss book “Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?”. It wasn’t in bad shape really, it was just used and we already had one. The exact same book. So I convinced the girls to donate it so that some ‘other boy or girl can have the book and enjoy it too’.

Due to the undergoing renovations, etc. in the house, I haven’t actually made a trip to the donation bin in…oh…six months, and therefore just have apile beside my dryer. Pssh, whatever, don’t judge me, I bet I know you’ve got something sneaky going on in your basement too.

Then Edie ate the book. She ate Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? five months after the kids got (and donated) the second copy from my grandmother, and two months after we got her. Edie. She has never chewed on any other books and the girls like to leave them all over the place, even though books are only allowed in the bedroom. So the first time she ate a book, any book, happened to be the book that I happened to have donated but not taken out of the house yet. So I replaced it. With the donated book.

Tough luck ‘other boy or girl’ who wanted to have the book to enjoy it too. Tough luck.


Sunny Sunday

Today is a beautiful day. I have been inside all morning catching up on my cleaning from being so sick. Not my dishes though, thank you Gramma!

Today is also one of Phil’s days off, so although he was out doing our grocery shopping this morning, we will be outside doing family fun things this afternoon. After nap. More cleaning, yay!

Since I was so sick, I also didn’t have time to prewrite any of my posts 😦 so, to tide you all over I have thrown in a couple of pictures.

You’re welcome.

Ally’s artwork of Phil and I.

Kira snuggling with Edie.


Ally’s drawing of the “Backsoon” from Winnie The Pooh. Pronounced ‘bak-sun’, he is an imaginary creature that all of the friends are convinced kidnapped Christopher Robin. This is based on Owl’s mis-reading of “Back Soon” on the note that Christopher Robin left, explaining his absence. I thought it was hilarious that she wanted to draw it.

The Backsoon, for your reference.

So, hopefully tomorrow will bring a little time to sit back, catch up on some reading and blog to my heart’s content. In the meantime, enjoy a coffee for me…mine still taste like copper. 😦


Holy Flug

Days like today? Days like today are the reason why alcohol companies make so much money. They’re why people binge eat on ice cream and cookies, and they’re why you curl up in a ball to cry sometimes. For the record? Today is actually last Monday because I write my posts in advance ’cause I’m cool like that.

Today started with a temper tantrum.

A tantrum of epic proportions.

Kira decided that she did not want my help with her shirt, although she clearly needed it. Then she ran away from me and had to be wrangled in order to put pants on her. She melted down. Hysterical screaming, running, throwing things, throwing her body off of things. Meltdown. This lasted for 45 minutes. I offered her milk and she ran over, snatched it off the table and threw it at the ground. I held her, nope. Hugged her, nope. Time out, nope. Offering her a choice of cereal, nope. Nothing worked.

So then I cried. Over my bowl of Special K, I sat and let tears stream down my face as I failed at being a momma.

I failed because I couldn’t make it better for her. I couldn’t calm her down in any shape or form and I felt helpless.
Eventually she did come around, although continued to be in a foul mood for the morning. I decided to go out shopping anyways because I’m slow or something, and we packed up and drove off to the mall. I wanted to spend a little time looking at the awesome clearance sections of the Old Navy, hoping to score some cheap clothes for the family; which apparently translated into: I want to chase my toddler around Old Navy because she won’t stay close to me and screams like a banshee if I try to strap her into the stroller. By the time I was checkout-ready, I had to carry Kira like a football while she cried. Then ask the lady to scan the shirt she was wearing because it was easier than trying to take it off. (For the record, it was a shirt I was planning on buying, I put it on her for size and it fit so she wore it.)

We drove home for lunch (luckily Phil had already prepared something for us) and then she refused to eat most of it because she hasn’t been feeling well lately, then she cried and went down for nap. I remember saying to Phil that I really missed Ally when she was gone because it helps me to see that this too will pass when it comes to Kira’s inability to listen or process directions or emotions.

One hour later Ally returned home, waved to her father, and then promptly told me: “Mommy, did you know that I love my daddy so much more than I love you?” and then went about her merry business. Now I know that she doesn’t truly mean this, and that’s she’s also not aware of how much it hurts me even though it’s just toddler gibberish, but IT SUCKS. *swallow tears*

Then they fought over toys.

Ally had a meltdown about not being able to pick her own plate for dinner and almost opted out of participating in the entire meal because I refused to let her choose a new plate and then transfer her dinner to it *gasp*!

Kira’s poop looked like a bowl of cream of corn soup that had gone off…all day today. She had to be changed on easily cleaned surfaces in case the blowout in her pants contiued onto the surface.

Edie peed on my pillow. Again. So I had to spend the day washing all of the sheets and pee-pillows. Then the dryer burnt my pillow a little bit. I want new pillows.

Ally wanted to play with the Kinect before bed (it’s new, eeeeeee!) and I thought it would be a great way to tire her out (in the game the sensor picks your entire body up and the games involve jumping, ducking, flapping and other movements) and then Kira kept running in the way so the sensor kept restarting and Ally couldn’t properly hold her hand in one place to ‘press the on-screen buttons’ so she got frustrated and whiny and I turned the damn thing off. *inhale*

It’s almost bedtime now. Oh please, please just go to sleep. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, pleeeeeease!

Update: Nope. One giant temper tantrum, where ‘no’ is the answer to everything, and one whiny episode of how sleep is the worst thing ever and Ally’s not sleepy, ever. Plus, a side of “I didn’t feel your kiss!” and “Can tomorrow be today and then I won’t have to sleep and I can feel your kiss?” plus “There are bubbles in the back of my mouth and I don’t like them. I think I need medicine too.”