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December 13 & 14

Coffeepoweredmom’s Coverlettes

I think I’m going to put up a nicer picture of them. Perhaps tomorrow. We’ll see. In the meantime: Grub Face and Frizzy Hair!


This is my solution to their Christmas dresses having straps instead of sleeves. I don’t want them to get cold when we go a-visiting.


I used a (new to me) large stitch so that the details of their dresses are still going to be largely visible underneath, but that their shoulders will be covered and kept warm.


I added small bows to each to keep them decorative and beautiful.


Kira’s dress is pink, so I chose a neutral white colour for her coverlette.


Ally’s dress is black so I chose a lovely burnt orange colour that I own to add a pop of colour to her outfit.

My super exciting news is this: I have decided to sell these online.

Wooooooo!!!! I know you’re excited too!

If you are interested in purchasing one of my amazing coverlettes then you need to only provide me with the measurement of the intended owner’s shoulders (the widest point from one shoulder to the other) and your choice of colour. Oh, and also your address. Duh. It would be helpful to know the person’s height as well so I could determine how long to make the coverelette, but I can always wing it if you are unsure and/or super secretive about heights.

My starting idea is to charge $10 per coverlette which includes shipping to Canada or the United States. I can definitely ship it to other countries but I will have to research how much that would cost me. This particular coverlette would fit up to an average 6 year old. If you are interested in a larger coverlette then the price will increase. I will not charge more than $20 for an adult coverlette. We’ll talk.

If I manage to sell any of these from my blog then I will consider opening an Etsy Shop.

Pleeeeeeeeeease! I would love to start making a little extra money to take a little pressure off over the next couple of years!

Feedback is appreciated!!!



And the photo challenges. This is embarassing. Don’t look.

Photo Challenge (December 13): family

I cheat.




Photo Challenge (December 14): tree

I cheat again.


This is an old picture. What can I say? I wasn’t inspired, and I was really busy.


December 1

Happy December All!

I asked for some ideas yesterday, for what I should do for December in an attempt to post around dailyish. Why so noncommital? Because I don’t want to let anyone down. It may or may not be daily…..

I have decided to try and participate in a daily photo challenge AND attempt to make a daily craft/decoration-set-up-Christmas-type-thing. Lots of pictures.

This is the photo challenge that I have decided to participate in: (feel free to take this as well, I sure didn’t come up with it!)

December Photo Challenge

#1 is “My view today”, so here was my view this morning:


Although upon closer inspection, Kira’s face is not so flattering…..

I also saw this:


It’s my finished tree skirt and tree stand holder! With my little model.

Here are some more to show you how much of the room it takes up:


Can you see our ghost?


Also, the craft that we did yesterday (yes, I’m cheating already) is a clothespin advent calendar for counting down the days until Christmas!


The numbers are taken off every day until there is nothing but the 25th left! I’m super excited for Christmas everyone. 24 more days!!!


Day 34

Days left until Christmas: 30

Days left until self-imposed deadline: 20

Rows left on the tree skirt: 0


I finished it!

I am so excited! I ended up getting to row 109 before Ball 4 ran out, so I stopped the tree skirt there. I then added 8 rows of white while creating special ties with pompoms for the neck to “tie” it around the trunk of the tree. I’m going to be cruel here and not show you what it looks like until I’m able to jam it on my Christmas tree. Let’s say it is sufficiently awesome, and that Kira, Edie and I all laid on it quickly before I folded it up to store it for the next 2-3 weeks.

I’m super happy that I finished it! Thank you to everyone who ‘liked’ these posts, or commented on them. It really helped to keep me motivated in a project that quite possibly could have been partially finished for ever.

On to the next project!


Day 33

Days until Christmas: 31

Days until self-imposed tree skirt deadline: 21


Wow, I actually have more time left then I thought I would. Alright!

I am on row 90 of the tree skirt right now. Row 1 has 400 stitches, row 90 has (will have) 139 stitches in it. I am at less than half the number of stitches per row then when I started, so it has been easier to add more and more rows lately.

After setting my goal of three rows a day, I didn’t crochet at all for about a week for no real reason. I’ve been catching up a bit, yesterday for example I crocheted 8 rows in order to complete my goal of finishing my first page of directions. I am now on page 2. I have decided that if I can get to row 106 or greater before running out of Red Ball 4, then I will not purchase a Red Ball 5, I will just begin the neck of the tree skirt (in white) wherever the red runs out. If I run out at row 105 or prior then I will need to purchase a fifth ball.

Everyone cross your fingers.

AND NOW by popular (see: two requests) demand, a picture of my tree skirt! Taken immediately before I typed this post, this is how it is RIGHT NOW AS I PRESS PUBLISH!


Also, here it is again with a chair laying on it, so everyone can get an idea of the true size.

I may or may not have giggled feverishly, bounced up and down, and then later laid down on the tree skirt and rubbed my arms and face all over it. I’m super excited about how big it is.


Day 23

There are 41 days until Christmas, and only 31 days until my tree skirt goal. Eep!

The other day I hauled my rear into the basement to dig out the Christmas box so I could write our Christmas cards for this year. After living up to my family name and attempting to pull the box out from under other boxes without moving anything, I caused an avalanche on my face.


I just finished up my Christmas cards now, and we are planning on setting up our 3ft, artificial, kids’ tree next; provided that the girls can each finish four chores first. We’ll see if that happens.

I literally have two more gifts to purchase. One of them can’t be purchased early, but yesterday I wrapped nearly all of the ones I already own. I’m going to finish wrapping the rest today.

Yay Christmas!!!

Image from here.

I have started Row 50. We’ll round up to 130 rows for the finished product, which means that I have 31 days to finish the last 80 rows. That averages 2.58 rows per day. If I can really try to sit down and crochet 3 rows per day, then I should be done the tree skirt in 27 days which gives me 4 days of wiggle room. Or of ‘snowflake making and attaching’ time.


Side note: Ally’s school pictures came in and I have a bumload of extras. Plus, they included a calendar and her birthday doesn’t exist. Of course, I’ve emailed them and they have already responded to say that they will reprint it for me. So professional!