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December 13 & 14

Coffeepoweredmom’s Coverlettes

I think I’m going to put up a nicer picture of them. Perhaps tomorrow. We’ll see. In the meantime: Grub Face and Frizzy Hair!


This is my solution to their Christmas dresses having straps instead of sleeves. I don’t want them to get cold when we go a-visiting.


I used a (new to me) large stitch so that the details of their dresses are still going to be largely visible underneath, but that their shoulders will be covered and kept warm.


I added small bows to each to keep them decorative and beautiful.


Kira’s dress is pink, so I chose a neutral white colour for her coverlette.


Ally’s dress is black so I chose a lovely burnt orange colour that I own to add a pop of colour to her outfit.

My super exciting news is this: I have decided to sell these online.

Wooooooo!!!! I know you’re excited too!

If you are interested in purchasing one of my amazing coverlettes then you need to only provide me with the measurement of the intended owner’s shoulders (the widest point from one shoulder to the other) and your choice of colour. Oh, and also your address. Duh. It would be helpful to know the person’s height as well so I could determine how long to make the coverelette, but I can always wing it if you are unsure and/or super secretive about heights.

My starting idea is to charge $10 per coverlette which includes shipping to Canada or the United States. I can definitely ship it to other countries but I will have to research how much that would cost me. This particular coverlette would fit up to an average 6 year old. If you are interested in a larger coverlette then the price will increase. I will not charge more than $20 for an adult coverlette. We’ll talk.

If I manage to sell any of these from my blog then I will consider opening an Etsy Shop.

Pleeeeeeeeeease! I would love to start making a little extra money to take a little pressure off over the next couple of years!

Feedback is appreciated!!!



And the photo challenges. This is embarassing. Don’t look.

Photo Challenge (December 13): family

I cheat.




Photo Challenge (December 14): tree

I cheat again.


This is an old picture. What can I say? I wasn’t inspired, and I was really busy.


December 11 & 12

Photo challenge (December 11): green

IMG_8869IMG_8786Ally sewed this green stocking with a real needle and thread by herself. I threaded the needle and tied it to the stocking but she did every stitch AND she didn’t stab herself. Win.

Here’s the ‘daily craft’ that we did for yesterday’s post (which I didn’t post until today):

I found this lovely candy plate on Pinterest and followed the link to here. Remember, arrange mints, 350F, 8-10 minutes.


I’ve always wanted to make a “Nailed It” picture. Winner.

Photo challenge (December 12): beautiful sight

I’m cheating a bit here (nothing new) but I really wanted to show you what I did this morning!


When we woke up this morning we discovered that Edie had chewed the legs off of Ally’s favourite dollhouse doll. My usual approach to toys that we aren’t ready to get rid of is to trim off the sharp bits and then wrap the limb in electrical tape. We have several amputee toys, but this was the first one that lost *both* feet. I got super creative.


And it counts as a Christmas photo because of the red ribbon and jingle bell, right?

IMG_8881IMG_8882After I wrapped her feet in electrical tape, I cut a small square of blue felt so that she could have a blanket for her wheelchair should she choose to use it.

The kids love it and are currently struggling to take turns playing with it. I don’t expect it will last, they are rather destructive, but while it is around this little doll will have the coolest wheelchair that I have ever made.

13 days until Christmas!


December 9 & 10

Photo challenge (December 9): what you’re reading

I think this prompt is supposed to be for someone who can afford to buy books, or lives close to a library. Unfortunately, I am neither of those people. Other than blogs I have most recently read:


You’re welcome, Today’s Parent. For this shameless advertising I will take one year’s extension on my subscription. Or, alternatively, one free subscription that I could give away. Season’s Greetings!

Now, I want to defend myself here. I do LOVE to read. I own quite a collection (see:20-30 books). I just haven’t been to the library in a few months and have been otherwise preoccupied with Christmas and such.

Photo challenge (December 10): wrapping paper

This picture could also double as a craft since Ally and I just wrapped empty containers and put them around the smallest tree.


If that doesn’t count as the daily craft, then this one definitely won’t.

Green Pepper Eggs


I got the idea from Pinterest, but apparently I didn’t actually Pin it… when I returned and searched for it, this is the closest thing that I could find.

The original photo had the eggs as sunny side up, which I can understand because it would be really difficult to flip them. I turned the pan up to max to help the eggs begin cooking as soon as they hit the pan (so they didn’t run out from under the green peppers as much) and then turned it right down to 3 and covered it for 5-10 minutes. This eliminated the uncooked whites aspect of sunny side up that we don’t eat, while still maintaining the part where I didn’t have to flip them.

Reviews? There wasn’t too much to the taste of this. It wasn’t bad, by any means, but there just wasn’t much of any flavour. I think that the next time I make these I will scramble the eggs and add other items inside to make mini omelets of sorts.



December 8

Photo challenge: ornaments


This is one of four little “picture” ornaments that I came into a couple of years ago. For a while there has been some debate in Canada as to whether or not we’re going to phase out the penny (it costs more to make than it’s worth) so I searched for a penny for each of us with our birth year on it – just in case they disappear at some point.

Daily craft: Paper Star


I saw this idea on Pinterest and followed the link back to here. There are simple directions on how to make this (although, instead of using 6 pieces of paper I used 1 cut into 6 squares. I also used all tape instead of part tape, part staples) it does take a little time though. If I were to make another one of these (or several) I would probably use 2 or 3 pieces of paper to make the sections large enough to roll with ease.

17 days until Christmas!!!

27 days left in the Happy Holidays Photo Challenge


December 6 & 7

Yeah, this happened already. Not even a week into the month and I forgot to post yesterday.

Photo challenge (December 6): shopping

This is ironically what we were doing yesterday, and the main reason that I got so distracted during the day that I forgot to post.PS, the kids have *another* cold.

This is ironically what we were doing yesterday, and the main reason that I got so distracted during the day that I forgot to post.
PS, the kids have *another* cold.
PPS, I don’t buy medicine from the dollar store. I threw this box in there for the picture but we also went to Walmart.

Photo challenge (December 7): bright

At first I was like "Bright? What am I going to do for bright?" And then I decided that I could cheat (why not, I'm doing two days at once here) and use a photo of my finished craft for the day!

At first I was like “Bright? What am I going to do for bright?” And then I decided that I could cheat (why not, I’m doing two days at once here) and use a photo of my finished craft for the day!

My daily which may not be daily anymore, we’ll see craft is: Tissue Paper Jar Candle Holders Woo

This craft is really simple to do…for adults. Ally didn’t like this because she couldn’t control whether or not the tissue paper ripped. She “finished” one and said she was done with the craft.

All I did was cut up tissue paper into small rectangularish pieces and then slather the jar in glue as I used my foam paint brush to smear and dab it everywhere. Seriously, after the jars were completely covered in tissue paper (I chose white with stars and white with sparkles) I squeezed more glue on top and brushed it gently over everything.

There's glue *everywhere*!

There’s glue *everywhere*!

If you want to use battery operated lights then you can put the tissue paper on the inside of the jar for a smoother look. I chose tealight candles – real fire – so I put the tissue paper on the outside to prevent a Holly Jolly Fire in my house. The outside does make the jars look more texture-y though, just so you’re aware.



I also chose to put the gold rings back on after. Why not, I say! One trip to the dollar store got me 16 tealight candles and a barbeque lighter because matches or small lighters means lighting the candle and then dropping it in which sounds like suck to me.

Barbeque lighters are longer so the candle can be placed in the jar and THEN lit.

Barbeque lighters are longer so the candle can be placed in the jar and THEN lit.

The absolute best part of this?

After Christmas is over, if we don’t want these anymore I can just soak them in water and wash this stuff off.

***disclaimer: I haven’t tried to wash these off yet. I don’t actually know how effective it will be to soak them and wash them. I’m just assuming that since it’s white glue and tissue paper that it will remove easily***