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Have you ever been so shocked and happy about something that you just plain forget English and start driveling all over the house. That happened to me, just under an hour ago.

I had just put the kids down and sat down at my computer to prepare myself for another night of “estudio muchas Espanol” for school when I decided to check my email (boring blather), and then clicked on my bookmark for my OSAP application. OSAP, for those who don’t know, is the student financial assistance program here in Ontario. In other words, it’s where the money comes from these days. I sighed as I clicked on through and distinctly remember thinking (or saying out loud…shhhh) “Why do I do this to myself? Torture myself like this.”

Why would I say something so negative? Well, because OSAP and I ran into a little hiccup recently. Due to my full-time status, but my only 60% course load, my upcoming second calendar year is still only considered my first academic year by my school. OSAP saw YEAR ONE on a piece of paper, assumed I had failed at my first year, and was all “we ain’t gonna pay you if you’s a stoopid fail head. Wassup wid dis year one bs? You best be explainin’, son”.

I had to write a very detailed letter explaining that although my paperwork said year one, it was only because I am taking 60% of my course load each year, which means my courses for my second calendar year are still considered “first year courses”. I then snail mailed it to OSAP, and proceeded to wait impatiently. Now, the post around here is awesome. The speed at which OSAP processes the paperwork that they receive is much, much slower than my anxiety allows.

So, “Why do I do this to myself? Torture myself like this.”

And then the request for this letter was gone.

And my funding has been approved.


jump for joy

This is fabulous news because we recently found out that we’re expecting our third. Surprise!


May Update

Hello Everyone! And anyone who is still reading this…..

It is May! Halfway through May, actually. I have been gone for a long time, and I will continue to be gone because HOLY CRUD I’m busy!

My first semester is finished! I had 2 midterms and 3 final exams, along with countless essays, but I have succeeded in passing (and beyond) everything! I’ve started my second semester already, and am already a little bit behind (yay, progress!) so I’ll have to keep this brief.

I don’t even know the last time that I posted, but Ally and I went to the dentist back in April for a check up, and she has super awesome teeth! I, on the other hand, have subpar teeth and have already had a cavity filled ($115) and have an appointment that is up and coming for another two cavities to be filled in one go ($230). Yay for poor hygeine! Seriously, kids, brush AND floss. God, I suck at flossing. Why would I include the cost for these fillings? Why, because I am SUPER without benefits, and this is the actual cost out of pocket for me because I was brushing my back teeth poorly. I suppose.

I have received financial aid for going to school and such, and therefore have budgeted for the entire year. WITHOUT extraordinary expenses, I will have $66.24 left in January of 2014. *crosses fingers for no extraordinary expenses*

Edie (our dog) has just recently been to the vet to have some bloodwork done ($45) that will okay her for heartworm, tick, and flea medication ($190) for this summer, that the vet’s office has been kind enough to call me and let me know that I can come pick up and pay for it at my earliest convenience.

In better (although not cheaper $$$) news, both girls are starting soccer soon (which involves the purchasing of bus tickets for the days that Phil takes the car to work with him), we are planning the kids’ birthday parties for this summer, planning on attending the annual fair that we always go to, and have reservations for a campsite for our family camping trip this summer!

I found out recently that my common-step-sister-in-law is newly pregnant. Yay! Also, *jealous*. True story.

Immediately, Ally is at school, Kira is napping, and I am making flour tortillas so that we can have tacos for dinner. Seriously. If you want to try them, here’s the recipe that I found on the interwebs:

Other than my wrist hurting from using the rolling pin so much, they seem super tasty and easily roll-able. Wooooo!

I DO still think of you guys!

With love,



P.S. What happened to the Dashboard? Everything has changed!


Out Of My Head And Into The Blog

And then it won’t be in my head anymore, right?

I hope so.

I start school in January. I’m going to be receiving funding from the province, of which I will have to pay back a portion at the end of my schooling. It’s….tight. Now, I’ve always been used to living tight but this is really tight. Fiscally, that is.

I know that I have tons of things to be grateful for, and I am, I’m just worried. I’m worried that I’m going to have to magically come up with some money to buy the last 3 toddler gifts that I need to purchase. I’m worried that there isn’t money coming in January (I’m on my own until February) and although I have budgeted madly, I’m still worried that I will have forgotten something. Or that something unexpected will come up.

Do you know what I did today? I researched drug and dental coverage plans for my little family. For the two girls and I, everything – every single company – the monthly premium was over $100. As an alternative to that (since I live in Canada and severe medical emergencies are covered by the government) I have created a slush fund in my tight-belted budget that should cover the occasional prescriptions. I hope.

Since when did it become okay for me to start pitying myself again? To start feeling bad that I can’t afford to register the girls in any extra curricular programs this winter. Or maybe even summer. I know we’re going to be fine. That we’ll make it out on the other end all covered in sunshine and rainbows, and stronger for it. But I’m just worried at this point.

I’ll probably feel better in February but I just wanted to vent.


*exploding head from here*


The Groceries – Week One

Hullo September!

Our grocery budget for the month is $240.

Week one is the “big” shop, so it takes up a good portion of the budget. This has worked really well for us so far, so we’ve decided to stick with this plan for September.

If I get approved for financial assistance to ‘go to’ school then we will be able to increase our grocery budget a little and there’s a chance this feature will disappear.

In fact, there’s a chance I’ll be pretty scarce. The rare coffeepoweredmom sightings…. ooooooh. I’m not done yet though. I’ll still be moaning and giggling away at everything. Plus, I’ve got to run the occassional photo challenge (is this foreshadowing?).

Week One Groceries

  • 2 stalks of green onions
  • 3 lb carrots
  • celery
  • bananas
  • 2 bags of mini boxed raisins (school is starting soon!)
  • 2 sticks of deodorant
  • 2 boxes of crackers
  • 6 bags of pasta
  • 2 packages of hot dogs
  • bag of oranges
  • one box of poptarts for a selfish mama after her kidlets go to bed
  • 2 bags of goldfish crackers
  • 3 bags of sliced lunch meat
  • 1.5 kilograms of grapes
  • 520 grams of broccoli
  • 6 boxes of cereal
  • toilet paper
  • 3 lb apples
  • 2kg bag of frozen corn
  • 1 bag of 1% milk
  • 1 bag of 2% milk
  • 18 eggs
  • 3 frozen pizzas (to prevent take out temptation)
  • one box of chicken nuggets
  • 2 bricks of cheese
  • salami
  • one jumbo box of ‘fruit and nut’ granola bars
  • 2 family packs of pork chops

TOTAL: $167.48

This leaves $72.52 for the rest of September. A daunting task for sure, but a lot of the foods (the lunch meats and granola bars, for example) are going to last more than one week. Week Two and Week Four should cost under $20 each for 4 bags of milk. That leaves a whopping $32.52 for Week Three which will be 4 bags of milk, apples and a couple of small things that we’ve run out of.

Cross your fingers!

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The Grocery Bill – Week Five

Hey hey, Sports Fans!
Guess who’s almost done her second cup of coffee for the day??


It’s a good day.


Yesterday we handled the whole “Week Five” shop, which only consituted milk. Here we go!

Week Five Groceries

  • 2 bags of 1% milk
  • 2 bags of 2% milk

TOTAL: $17.88

Huzzah! That puts us under the remaining budget of $22.78 by a whopping $4.90!!!! All right!

Is anyone else as excited about this as I am??

That means that I am actually under budget for the month of August, which is great because I’m fairly certain I was over budget some $3 last month. It all evens out in the end.

September should be even more hectic because *whimper* my baby is starting school in less than a week. And maybe even me come January, I’m still waiting to see if I’m approved for funding.

Cross your fingers!!!


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