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Birthdays (or Where Did The Time Go?)

My newest little baby, Charlotte, is almost 5 months old. Which means that next month I will have a 6 month old, a 4 year old, and a 6 year old as Ally and Kira both celebrate their birthdays. I remember posting back when I was nervous about Ally going into Junior Kindergarten, but she is graduating from Senior Kindergarten now and will be a Grade 1 in September, whereas Kira has done her orientation and will be starting Junior Kindergarten herself in the fall.

Charlotte has TWO teeth and is constantly trying to pull herself up into a sitting position. I am well aware that when Ally and Kira go to school in September that Charlotte will most likely be crawling.


Is that crazy, or is it just me?


I am also returning to school in September, of course, mine is entirely online (and this year I’ve even attempted to choose courses that don’t have exams) so I will still be able to walk the girls to school in the morning and pick them up at night.


I am going to try to post more frequently now (I’ll put it into HabitRPG to try and encourage myself), but this is not like riding a bicycle and I am very much struggling to find things to post about. Wish me luck!



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Grown Up Stickers

When Ally was a baby I purchased zoo animal themed wall stickers for her bedroom. At some point during our multiple moves we landed in a place that was less than sticker friendly for the walls and I instead transferred those stickers to her four-drawer dresser. As she aged and began helping to dress herself, pick out her clothes or put her laundry away we used the animal stickers as a reference to which drawer items belonged in.

“Can you get out socks please? They are in the zebra drawer.”

“Yes sweetie, your pyjamas go in the rhinoceros drawer.”


Today, during nap time, Kira ripped all of the stickers off of Ally’s dresser. Ally was so sad about it (and so was I) that we headed off on the ridiculously long walk to the dollar store. She picked new, different stickers and we hauled slow bum home to put them on.

As I sat on the floor next to my now 4 year old daughter I silently remembered all of the places the old stickers had been with us, the learning tools they were, even the pictures that they appeared in – and they were gone. Then I watched my quite suddenly grown up little girl, peeling and sticking her own carefully chosen stickers on to her dresser in whichever places she thought looked best.

Gone are the days of brightly coloured, extraordinarily happy zoo animals. Gone are the bright green tufts of grass, and gone are the days of referring to a drawer by animal instead of order.

Now the dresser is covered in chic flowers, silver and pink with the occasional shiny pink diamond accent. Pyjamas now go in the third drawer, bedding in the fourth. Ally’s dresser is no longer labelled with 10 bubble letters spelling her name, but is instead just assumed to be hers by this little adult who needs no direction.

She’s only four, but it seems like an eternity has passed. I don’t want to mourn the loss of other tiny things, but I know it will happen. At least I can come here to cry.


Tattle tales: how to nip it in the bud

Increase the cost of telling tales

Give your preschooler some work to do when he tells tales. When he comes running to you with news of his sibling’s dastardly (but not dangerous) doings, for instance, you might tell him to draw a picture of the deed and leave it on the table, where you’ll look at it later. The chances are, he’ll decide that the time and effort this entails just isn’t worth it. If what he wants is your attention, tell him you’ll be happy to listen to anything he wants to tell you about himself but not about his friend or sibling – unless they’re in danger, of course.

via Tattle tales: how to nip it in the bud.

This is a pretty helpful little guide! Ally has been doing this a lot lately, I think I’m going to bookmark this page to reference. Perhaps daily…….


Handprint Reindeer

I was inspired today! (Finally, I know)

I was browsing my emails, trying to catch up on some reading, when I came across Handprint Spiders at Mama.Papa.Bubba. Her craft was so adorable and awesome that I instantly wanted to do it too, the only problem? Halloween has passed and I didn’t want to make more Halloween decorations to litter my walls for the next eternity until the masking tape cheaps out and they finally fall off.


I decided to make Handprint Reindeer and Christmas Cards for a niiiiiiiice, coffeepowered, early start to Christmas.

First, assemble your materials! I picked a nice red background (because it’s Christmas) and white paint for snowflakes.

Cover your work space with extra paper to save your table from paint.

Paint tiny fingers with white paint and allow your kidlets to make fingerprint snowflakes alllllll over.

Wash tiny fingers.

Next, I chose a pink background – for no reason – and we proceeded to make blue reindeer. Why blue? I have no black or brown paint (this is the first time we’ve painted together…..ever…..unless you count those little fridge magnets a while back) so the reindeer colour options were: blue, green, purple, red or yellow. Ally picked blue.

Paint the palm, forefinger and pinky of your children’s hand.

Smush. Repeat.

We cut our red backgrounds into four even pieces to make cards,

and then cut green wavy construction paper (it is Christmas after all) in halves to make the outsides of the cards.

Each child glued one piece of their snowflake background onto one of the in-sides……I need more coffee…… Lay flat to dry.

Once the reindeer were dry we cut them out and drew two eyes, a mouth and antler sticks on our reindeer. If I were to do this again, I would probably instead paint one of their fingers and let them make their antler branches that way. You live, you learn.

We then painted red onto little thumbs and smushed thumbprint, red noses onto our reindeer.

I wrote our message, “Merry Christmas” on the front, “Love: Ally” on Ally’s snowflake background and “and Kira” on Kira’s snowflake background.

I then cut a wavy design around the outside of each card to soften up the harsh edges made by gluing two pieces of construction paper together.

We then glued our reindeer onto their respective snowflake background.

Add Christmas stickers and VOILA! Adorable card for each set of grandparents.


8 Days Left….

….to help Ally help the Oregon Spotted Frog.


Yeah, I’m back to hit you guys up for money again.

The thing is, Ally has been pretty adorable and passionate about saving this little frog. She has sticky notes with drawings on them in her informational brochure to help her remember the reasons why the frogs are in danger, and what the donation money is going towards. Here’s a quote for you:

“What’s making a problem is bigger frogs living over it’s home. And the next problem is farms living all over it’s home. And what the money will do is make a building for froggies to live in. And then they’ll put a nice clean pond in and then they’ll let the froggies go in. We’re saving the frog! The Oregon Spotted Frog is in trouble.”


Right now Ally has raised $90 for the Oregon Spotted Frog, which is awesome! I just wanted to toss a reminder out there in case there was anyone who was planning on tossing a couple of bucks her way – that there’s only 8 days left in her campaign.

Click on the link to head over to her page and then click on the big orange “Make a donation” button. You can use credit cards or PayPal, and there is an “Other” selection for amount, so you could donate $2 if you so desired!

(PS, if 80 of you donated $2 that would be $160. Whoa)

Anyways, you won’t hear any more from me on this, but Ally has been putting in quite the effort, so I thought I’d try to help her out!

Thanks a bunch,

CPM and Ally


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