Getting through the day, one cup at a time.

Photo Challenges

Every now and then I will issue a challenge. A photo challenge to be specific.


  • include your coffee in the picture. Tea is also acceptable. Or hot chocolate. A hot beverage of some form.
  • The photo must contain a hot beverage vesicle! If you do not drink any hot beverages then you are weird. But you can always fill a mug with water! Or leave it empty… MUG! Disposable hot beverages cups are also allowed.
  • The photo must be yours! I’m not going to go to any great lengths to verify this, but don’t be lame.
  • You can submit one, two, or three photos that are within the parameters of the contest. Nothing vulgar.
  • The top three winners will have their photos turned into badges that display their winningness. I am open to better prizes, but I am cheap and this is what it is.
  • Submit the photo to me! Either email me: or post the photo on your own blog and link the living snot out of it!

Past Photo Challenges

Spring Beauty – May 2012

  • take a picture of something beautiful that happened because of spring! (plant life, animals, sunny-sky-times, new baby(ies), etc.) Be creative!







The Great Outdoors – June 2012

  • take a picture of you and/or your family enjoying the great outdoors. An outdoor activity that you love to do, or had a particularly awesome time doing, (ie hiking, swimming, skipping stones, climbing trees, etc.)














9 responses to “Photo Challenges

  1. Such a cool idea!! I’ve failed miserably at each and every photo-a-day challenge that I’ve tried to do 😦 Maybe I can manage a decent pic once a month? Goals are good.

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  6. Did I miss the voting on the last challenge?

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