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26 Days

on November 29, 2014

It had seemed for the longest time that Christmas still a long enough way away. Not so much any more.

Monday heralds the beginning of December and therefore the beginning of the craziness. We have finished our shopping for the immediate family, and, up until this morning, we had also finished the extended family. I just found out that two additional family members will be joining us for Christmas dinner.

My to-do list for the next 26 days includes:

Buy gifts for 4 teachers.

Buy a gift for one additional family member.

Finish crocheting the sleeves for the last shrug. (because I am a crazy person who buys big dresses for her kids that she has to adjust and come with short sleeved shrugs that I have to create sleeves for)

Take a Christmas picture of the kids for our cards.

Write and send Christmas cards.

Buy our tree.




How is your list looking these days? Time is ticking.


One response to “26 Days

  1. pamasaurus says:

    Hopefully you had a wonderful Christmas!!!

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