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In the mind…

on December 11, 2012

I was watching Lord of the Rings last night (for the zillionth time) and I saw a little…flaw….

first meme

I had to find a way to make this happen. All I could think last night is: if Golem has been tracking them, how did he get into the Mines of Moria after the Watcher in the Water caused the entrance to collapse?

Nerd. 😀


12 responses to “In the mind…

  1. I ALWAYS zero in on the tiny details and discrepancies

  2. The Balrog was already residing in the mines before they even arrived. “Moria, you fear those mines. The dwarves delved to greedily and to deep. You know what they awoke in the darkness of Khazad-dum. Shadow and Flames!”

    Balrgos’ are Maiar’s who became seduced my Morgoth, hence become evil. They were said to be eliminated in the First Age, but one managed to escape, it hid itself deep beneath the Misty Mountains. When the Dwarves mined to deep they pissed it off. So it never tracked them to the mine it had always been there. When Gandalf falls and fights with the Balrog, you can see the who hell-esque place where the Balrog had been residing.

    • Silly mistake, thought you were referring to something else. There are 2 doors to the mine, or he could have just made his way through the rubble.

      • It’s not enough to ruin the movie for me by any means, but Gandalf was set against going into the mine to begin with, and then when they saw all of the death that was there they tried to leave before they were attacked by the Watcher of the Water. I was just wondering if there had been a possibility of going back through the rubble, why they hadn’t tried that before going on. I love the movies though, are you excited for the Hobbit?

        • I’m overly excited to see the Hobbit. I would have thought Gandlaf would have at least hustled everyone through the mine instead of diddling around. Probably wouldn’t have woken up a bunch of baddies if they just went straight through the mine.

  3. I saw a spoof of this on “How they should have ended” on youtube. (Lots of funny stuff there.) Basically, it said they should have just flown the eagles to Mordor and dropped the ring into Mt. Doom. It was pretty funny and well done.

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