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My Package Arrived!

on December 10, 2012

Because I get so excited about these things (and because sometimes I like to start sentences with “Because”) I would like to share these with you:


These are: 2 notepads, 10 Christmas pens, and 140 address labels with our awesome caricatures on them!

These were super simple to make, almost similar to making a Wii Avatar or creating your own Sim, and once you have made each family member the website saves them so you can add them to whichever items you would like.

We’re going to hand out some pens as part of our Christmas gifts this year, and I am going to be writing ALL of my notes on this personalized notepad from now on. The address labels have the caricatures at the top, and then a line for your “Family Name” and then a second line for your “Full Address”. Since we don’t really have a “family name” (Ally has her father’s name, Kira and I share a name, and Phil has his own name) I split our address into two lines “123 Coffee Street” and “Power, Ontario C0F 4E3”

Take a look at how awesome our caricatures are:


I got to choose face shapes, skin colour, hair colour, hair style, freckles, facial hair, hair accessories, glasses, eye colour, eye shape, everything. I even got to customize the fur colour on their base husky!

Yeah, I’m in love with this.

With my order came some offers that I’d like to share with you:

50% off Holiday Cards:  expires January 31, 2013

25% off everything on their site: (restrictions apply)

I am only sharing this out of my own personal excitement with this business. I’m not being compensated in any way, but if VistaPrint wants to compensate me then YES! I would like one of everything!

No pressure though.


6 responses to “My Package Arrived!

  1. Aunt Jodi says:

    Looks amazing!!!!!

  2. pamasaurus says:

    Oh wow, those are super cute! I might have to order some, haha.

    We totally have different names, too… so I just put Dan, Pam, and Trinity on our return labels with no last name 😉

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