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Happy Holidays – Photo Challenge

on December 7, 2012

Welcome to coffeepoweredmom’s THIRD Photo Challenge!

The theme for this challenge is: Happy Holidays

The guidelines for Happy Holidays are these: Take a photo of you and/or your family enjoying the holidays. People DO NOT have to be in the picture if you prefer your anonymity or creative picture angles. Food, presents, visiting, holiday symbols (Christmas tree, menorah, kinara, etc.) decoractions…be creative! ********Remember to include your coffee/hot beverage!**********


  • include your coffee in the picture. Tea is also acceptable. Or hot chocolate. A hot beverage of some form.
  • The photo must contain a hot beverage vesicle! If you do not drink any hot beverages then you are weird. But you can always fill a mug with water! Or leave it empty… MUG! Disposable hot beverages cups are also allowed.
  • The photo must be yours! I’m not going to go to any great lengths to verify this, but don’t be lame.
  • You can submit one, two, or three photos that are within the parameters of the contest. Nothing vulgar.
  • The top three winners will have their photos turned into badges that display their winningness. I am open to better prizes, but I am cheap and this is what it is.
  • Submit the photo to me! Either email me: or post the photo on your own blog and link the living snot out of it!

Please be aware that all contestants may submit one, two or three photos, but no more than three for the contest. Submissions must be emailed to me at or posted on your own blog and linked by comment by MIDNIGHT EST on January 4th, 2013. I am, of course, lenient and if they are in my inbox by the time I sit down for my morning coffee on January 5th I will look the other way. ALSO, if you celebrate a holiday that occurs AFTER January 4, then please let me know and I will extend the contest deadline! We celebrate Christmas in my house, but the contest is inclusive to all holidays!!!

Voting will open at 10am EST on January 5th 2013 and will close at 9am EST on January 12th 2013.

Past photo challenges can be found here.

To your cameras!!!

Please comment if you have any questions or concerns. If I need to clarify things then I will, Happy Holidays!


6 responses to “Happy Holidays – Photo Challenge

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  2. pamasaurus says:

    Oh, I’m excited and will be participating!

  3. wavensongz says:

    AWESOME BLOG SITE, Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  5. […] you do have to include a hot beverage…. or an empty hot beverage cup.  You can read about it here.  I think you should all participate in this.  I could use some […]

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