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I Need Some Help

on November 30, 2012

And not the psychiatric kind…..I don’t think any of you are qualified to give me that.


I want to have a post theme for December. Some sort of (perhaps daily) theme that I can really get into, post often, and is most likely Christmas related.

I’d have to say, I’m a little pessimistic about this, mainly because nobody has emailed me in my last plea for help about dealing with anger issues with your children.


I’m hoping people may be more apt to jump on the happiness band wagon and provide me with some awesome ideas of how to spread some Christmas cheer. Cheaply. I am poor after all.


Bows and holly,



10 responses to “I Need Some Help

  1. jennnadams says:

    How about a countdown to Christmas…what you do that day to prepare for the holidays? Pinterest has some really good ideas for DIY Christmas ideas. I have a bunch on my Pinterest if you wish to look. DIY Christmas board. I can understand the poor and cheap..I have a large family, so I try to come up with homemade ideas for Christmas each year. Hope this helps. Cheers! 🙂

    • Thank you! I will definitely swing by your Pinterest board 😀 I’m hoping that we have enough craft supplies to get us through the holidays, hahaha, we seem to be getting more and more creative as the big day approaches.

      • jennnadams says:

        What I’ve been doing for a few years now is buying things the day after the holidays…I love sales! This way I have a collection of this and that to use for the upcoming holidays. I have a collection of ink stamps and construction paper and make home made greeting cards. This year for my Mom and Step dad I made them a picture collage each. One with my Step dad with my daughter. Then My mom wanted pics of us kids with our kids. I added stickers and paint and used the ink stamps. After the holidays I’ll add the pictures of what I made to my blog to share what I made for them. My sister saw them and now she wants me to make her one of her and her husband and then her and her daughter as a Christmas present.

        • That sounds amazing! I love to hit up the holiday clearance sections just after Christmas to grab a few ‘new’ items for the following Christmas. I should check out the Christmas related crafts as well…….

  2. grandmalin says:

    I was thinking the same thing – it would be nice to have a December theme and daily posts related to it. Christmas music we love to hate, recipes that should be thrown out , traditions we gave up because they were just too much work….I think my theme will be bah humbug…. 🙂 I guess reprinting excerpts from Christmas letters that pissed me off would be going too far. lol

    • Bwahahaha! Perhaps you could have a Bah Humbug day at the beginning of the month, and then strive to find joyful things for the rest? 😛
      Like: making up holiday beverages day, where you randomly throw cranberries into liquor and taste test.

  3. pamasaurus says:

    I’m jumping on a photo a day bandwagon. I’m trying to figure something out as well… because, well, I want to. My best friend is making an advent calender for her family. It’s simple things like “drive around looking at christmas lights” “decorate the tree” “make homemade hot chocolate” “make cookies” “wrap presents” etc.

    So, I guess my suggestion would be to think of things you usually do during the holidays and make a calender with something on everyday!

  4. Google “december photo a day” images. I saw it on a friend’s facebook page yesterday and want to try it. There’s a list of things you’re supposed to photograph each day of the month, and I guess the idea is that you’ll have an interesting, random collection of images that depict your month. I’m going to try it, though I don’t know if I have the discipline to remember each day!

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