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Day 33

on November 24, 2012

Days until Christmas: 31

Days until self-imposed tree skirt deadline: 21


Wow, I actually have more time left then I thought I would. Alright!

I am on row 90 of the tree skirt right now. Row 1 has 400 stitches, row 90 has (will have) 139 stitches in it. I am at less than half the number of stitches per row then when I started, so it has been easier to add more and more rows lately.

After setting my goal of three rows a day, I didn’t crochet at all for about a week for no real reason. I’ve been catching up a bit, yesterday for example I crocheted 8 rows in order to complete my goal of finishing my first page of directions. I am now on page 2. I have decided that if I can get to row 106 or greater before running out of Red Ball 4, then I will not purchase a Red Ball 5, I will just begin the neck of the tree skirt (in white) wherever the red runs out. If I run out at row 105 or prior then I will need to purchase a fifth ball.

Everyone cross your fingers.

AND NOW by popular (see: two requests) demand, a picture of my tree skirt! Taken immediately before I typed this post, this is how it is RIGHT NOW AS I PRESS PUBLISH!


Also, here it is again with a chair laying on it, so everyone can get an idea of the true size.

I may or may not have giggled feverishly, bounced up and down, and then later laid down on the tree skirt and rubbed my arms and face all over it. I’m super excited about how big it is.


2 responses to “Day 33

  1. sillyliss says:

    Wow, that is awesome. I cannot believe you made something so big, so cool looking, and so warm looking (hmm, seemingly opposites there). I wish I could make something like that — like a blanket! I love it!

    • Thank you! I crocheted 14 rows today! I am so close to finishing the red that I just want to power through it. Unfortunately, I think I’m giving myself a bit of the carpel tunnel syndrome from my constant crocheting :S That’s a real bummer because I have 4 scarves planned after this, and perhaps even an attempt at a hat!

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