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Colour Me Angry

on November 24, 2012

Dearest Readers, Internet Friends, Parents:

How do you keep from being angry at your children?

In fact, if anyone so desires I would love to be emailed responses and be able to put up a smattering of guest posts in response to this question. Please email me your responses (with permission to use them as guest posts) to




10 responses to “Colour Me Angry

  1. laugh-but I will e-mail you

    • I look forward to it! I was actually inspired to ask this when I read one of your posts, you’re a great role model as a mother for me. I wrote this question as a comment, and then deleted it and decided to ask all of my internet friends for input. 😀

  2. sillyliss says:

    I don’t keep from getting angry at the children, so I guess I will have to read your guest posts to find out how!

    • I’m halfway decent if it’s accidental messes etc., but it’s when the kids fight with each other, whine or break something/make a huge mess with something that they have been told that they aren’t allowed to touch/play with……well that gets me angry.

  3. I generally don’t, but deep breaths and sighing a lot helps me! 😉 Apparently I say, “Oh, come on!” a lot because now they imitate me and it drives me nuts. (Repeat process endlessly.)

  4. The fact that my girl now has a signature “duck and cover” move shows that I am not the right person to answer that question. I’ll be keeping an eye out for tips. 🙂

  5. wildacademicwoman says:

    I don’t think that it’s possible not to get angry at your children from time to time. What’s important is how you deal with it. Honestly, I have yelled sometimes. When they were younger, I used to walk out of the room (or even the house). I think it’s good that they see me angry sometimes. Anger is a valid emotion. Show them that it’s okay to experience a whole range of human emotion. My two cents. 🙂

    • I LOVE your two cents. I want to have several different options or strategies to try, and I’m sure everyone would like to read them. If you feel so inspired, perhaps you could send me an email explaining your strategy so I could post it (and credit you). If not, well I still appreciate the comment 😀 😀

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