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*insert maniacal grin here*

on November 16, 2012




Well hello loud knocking on the door, what is this?

Whatever could that be?

IT’S MY MONSTER! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know if you guys remember or not, but I won a contest over at F-Words for being the coolest person ever or something like that AND SHE MADE ME A MONSTER!!!

It’s okay to be jealous. Part of me is jealous of the other part of me right now.

Kira’s first question was “I hug it?” and I said yes, provided she would say cheese.

So then I set my camera to take pictures by itself and landed with this bad boy. The monster is as big as my kid! It has super awesome colours AND the top is made to look like the steam from my coffee cup. Because I’m coffeepowered. Duh. His eyes are also massive because he’s enjoying his caffeine high right now. Alternatively, it’s because he just woke up and needs his coffee.

Look! Java Monster is writing the next CPM post!

I tried to get him to hold my favourite mug but it was too heavy, so he has to use ye olde plastic travelling mug. I think he’ll survive.

Oh look! Now the kids have gone to bed!

This is super awesome and like any good mom, I’m going to keep it allllll to myself. It’s mine. Don’t touch.

I’m halfway inspired to try and make little stuffed critters for my own children. Mainly so they don’t touch mine.


I don’t know if she’s making these to order, but if you want to bug her and find out – or mainly if you want to read a really really good blog – head over to F-Words right now! Todah! Pronto!

I am also working on a name for this little dude, I’m about 80% of the way to Java Monster but I will accept other ideas in the comment section below. Something coffee-y and creative. And yes, he’s a he. Doesn’t all the pink make it obvious?


My little dude also came with a letter that said something about us being awesome and the same person, how we both have kids, and a blog, and love Christmas…….hmmmm……..and I think it said that she wanted to be my best friend forever and that she hoped that I would send her a Christmas card. Seriously. I’m going to send her a Christmas card. I’ll probably leave out the obnoxious photo of my children though. She can see enough of those on here!


If you don’t want a Christmas card you should probably let me know….


9 responses to “*insert maniacal grin here*

  1. sillyliss says:

    Wow, that is soooo cute and BIG!

  2. grandmalin says:

    Congratulations on your big win šŸ™‚

  3. Kim says:

    I got a cow stress ball in the mail yesterday for a post I wrote a while back… My youngest wanted to hug it (take it over) and in trying to get it back I ripped its little cow ear off! :(. Glad to see your monster is still in one piece!!! Love it!

  4. lorajbanks says:

    Finally! I hope his size made up for his tardiness (typical male). Anyway, I’m glad you like him and you bet we’re best friends and you better send me a Christmas card even if it’s 4 months late like I was because I will be checking the mail every day excitedly until then.

    Or…I’m glad you like it.

  5. lorajbanks says:

    P.S. I love the picture of after the kids went to bed.

  6. I remember when you won. Congrats. Cutest monster ever! So glad it made your day, or week, or month, life even–it might just be THAT cool.

  7. pamasaurus says:

    Congrats! that’s the cutest monster ever!! I’d totally keep him away from my kid, too. I had to hide all of my favorite plushies from my cats!

  8. Nina says:

    Aw, congrats lady! I like Java Monster for a name šŸ™‚

  9. Kerry says:

    What a cute monster – I want one !!!

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