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Day 23

on November 14, 2012

There are 41 days until Christmas, and only 31 days until my tree skirt goal. Eep!

The other day I hauled my rear into the basement to dig out the Christmas box so I could write our Christmas cards for this year. After living up to my family name and attempting to pull the box out from under other boxes without moving anything, I caused an avalanche on my face.


I just finished up my Christmas cards now, and we are planning on setting up our 3ft, artificial, kids’ tree next; provided that the girls can each finish four chores first. We’ll see if that happens.

I literally have two more gifts to purchase. One of them can’t be purchased early, but yesterday I wrapped nearly all of the ones I already own. I’m going to finish wrapping the rest today.

Yay Christmas!!!

Image from here.

I have started Row 50. We’ll round up to 130 rows for the finished product, which means that I have 31 days to finish the last 80 rows. That averages 2.58 rows per day. If I can really try to sit down and crochet 3 rows per day, then I should be done the tree skirt in 27 days which gives me 4 days of wiggle room. Or of ‘snowflake making and attaching’ time.


Side note: Ally’s school pictures came in and I have a bumload of extras. Plus, they included a calendar and her birthday doesn’t exist. Of course, I’ve emailed them and they have already responded to say that they will reprint it for me. So professional!


8 responses to “Day 23

  1. How does her birthday not exist? Is it like the 31st and they only put in 30 days?

  2. pamasaurus says:

    You’re on the ball with Christmas! I know it’s different for you in Canada, but I refuse to do start decorating or anything for Christmas until after thanksgiving. I mean, I’ll shop just because I hate crowds, but Christmas decorations/cards/wrapping/etc won’t happen until after the 22nd of this month πŸ˜€

    • That is sooo different from down here! Thanksgiving was near the beginning of October, so Christmas decorations are fair game immediately following Halloween!!! πŸ˜€ I couldn’t imagine waiting until Nov 23 or later to start singing my carols or walking around with my stupid holiday grin πŸ˜€

      For serious, shopping neeeeeeeeeeds to be done early. I hate crowds. I hate Christmas crowds even more. People become psychotic.

      • pamasaurus says:

        I would almost rather have it your way! I find it hard to cram everything into December sometimes! Oh well, We’ll probably get our tree the weekend of the 23rd and decorate ASAP!

        I’m starting the shopping this weekend. I hate crowds, too, and shopping is the only thing I like to do early! I worked retail for a few years, and people really are psychotic during the Christmas season. Blah.

        • My Christmas shopping is almost done, but we don’t normally get the tree until the first or second week of December because I am terribly forgetful when it comes to watering it, and nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ like stabbing yourself on a thousand dried out, pointy needles while reaching for your presents.

          Tree closer to Christmas = greater chance of soft needles.

  3. Wow – I am impressed! I still have pumpkins out from Halloween. I think maybe this weekend I will have to start getting a little Christmas spirit going in my house.

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