Getting through the day, one cup at a time.

Day 18

on November 9, 2012

Days until Christmas: 44

Days until December 15th goal: 34


So, I’ve been slacking a bit lately. We’re taking the kids away to the best place on earth this weekend (and it’s not Disney World) and I have been soooooo excited that I’ve been using my nervous energy for weird stuff like cleaning or crafting instead of crocheting. Weird.

Also, I started playing a new game yesterday, so there goes my evening! Hahaha.

My tree skirt is now halfway through row 44, out of an estimated 125. My estimate is getting more precise because I made that chart/plan/grid thing I was talking about. I like to plan.

This plan came about because I realized that my sections were no longer even, so I foolishly wrote down the amounts I had counted and made an elaborate plan from there. It wasn’t until I had finished my second ball of red (yay!) and I decided to count how many stitches I was able to create with that ball vs the first ball that I realized something terrible. I had miscounted the sections the first time. And I had never bothered to double check my counting. My grid, and the 8 rows I had created since, were a hoax.

NOW, I had to successfully count each section and create ANOTHER grid/plan/chart thing to fix the mess that I had created with my first chart.


The good news is now I have a chart/plan/grid thing that is accurate, and is able to give me an idea of how many rows are remaining in my tree skirt. I will stop merging stitches around row 115 or 119 and will switch back to white to complete a collar for the trunk of approximately 10 rows.

If you’re following any of this, then bravo! If not, don’t worry, it’s a lot of mental gibberish spewed onto my keyboard and into my screen.

There isn’t a picture today because it’s all packed up for the trip we’re taking. Here’s a picture from Day 10. I found it when I emptied my camera onto my computer to get Handprint Reindeer pictures.



7 responses to “Day 18

  1. I just discovered that you live in Ontario !!!- I live on 7 acres, 15 min. north of Brockville, Ontario in on the edge of a tiny hamlet called Greenbush

  2. pamasaurus says:

    Have a fun trip this weekend!!

    You’re really making progress on the tree skirt. I feel like I’d get bored before I finished it. Haha.

    • I was a little afraid that I would….my first blanket took six years from start to finish, hahaha, but I finished two children’s blankets in less than a year and my second adult sized blanket in less than a year; so I fiqured if I really buckled down then I could get it down.
      Blogging about it provides motivation too! šŸ˜€

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