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Day 12

on November 3, 2012

Whoa! Time flies. Sheesh.
Ally is with her dad this weekend, and since I’m recovering from a terrible sickness I had – I crocheted through Kira’s entire nap. Booyeah.

Yeah, I’m bringing Booyeah back.

I’ve now finished row 33 which puts me about a quarter of the way done my tree skirt!!! Huzzah! I’m still not quite sure at which width I’d like to stop shrinking the tree skirt, but at that width I will add another 15-20 rows of white that will nicely hug the tree stump and look like a fluffy white snow cloud. I’m pumped, obviously.

Countdown!!! There are only 52 more days until Christmas, which means there are only 42 more days until my self-imposed deadline of December 15th. If I finish it earlier, then all the better, but I would like the tree skirt finished no later than the 15th. At my current pace I would need about 50 days to complete it, which would put me at………December 11th, sweet. The rows will also be getter faster to complete as they get smaller, so I may have it finished even faster than that!

Around row 27 I gave a quick count to all of the stitches in each ‘section’. I am now going to refer to the areas between merge seams as sections, so you know. I discovered that the two outer sections were very close in number, but the two inner sections were 10 stitches or less than their outer counterparts. This discrepancy is hardly noticeable at this width (still over 300 stitches per row), but once the skirt becomes narrow enough the section widths will be very noticeable. Now I have started to fix this small issue, I think I will even create a guide for myself to follow as I progress. My OCD would be very sad if every Christmas I had to look at something that was all mish-mashy and disgusting. Yay….


Now for something less wool-related:

Yarrrrr! The kids were pirates for Halloween! Everyone loved their costumes, which of course made me feel accomplished. Mom-win! I hope everyone out there had an awesome Halloween with their kids!


5 responses to “Day 12

  1. I crochet afgans and bed spreads, usually in solid colours. I am a non-conformist who often must wiggle and combine, add or make-up stitches so I love crocheting. It is a FORGIVING craft, unlike knitting which forces you to be EXact.

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