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The Oregon Spotted Frog

on October 23, 2012

Hello everyone,

Ally here. At school we learned about endangered species. One of the species they taught us about was the Oregon Spotted Frog.

Here are the key issues threatening the Oregon spotted frog:

– Habitat destruction due to agricultural development (farming)
– Invasive species, like the American bullfrog, are taking over their habitat

Goals – Where your donations are going

1. Captive breeding
– Construction of a new Oregon spotted frog breeding facility on the roof of the Vancouver Aquarium
– Captive breeding of tadpoles and their release into suitable native habitat

2. Habitat restoration
– Restoration of wetland habitat in Aldergrove Lake Regional Park, where Oregon spotted frogs are found
I am trying to raise money to help the Oregon Spotted Frog, so if you are feeling like helping me then you can head over to my donation page and click the orange “Make a Donation to Ally’s Campaign” button to give any amount.

Thank you for your help,



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