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Homemade Headbands

on August 30, 2012

I made headbands!

I’m practically an art genius. There should be an Art Mensa…they’d totally ask me to join.


Lump-head, the incredible!
Modelling “Yellow with Dots”.

The Great Ham
Modelling “White Butterflies”

Both of our lovely models in a group photo shoot.

Headbands are also available in other colours and thinner widths. They include an elastic back that is hidden by the hair. To order please send a self addressed and stamped envelope to coffeepoweredmom with $3 and colour preference. Also skull circumference. That’d be handy too.

It’s okay to be jealous. It’s only natural.


7 responses to “Homemade Headbands

  1. Beautiful! You crack me up. SO jealous!

  2. Good for you! I’m not sure what’s more adorable, the headbands or the little cuties wearing them!

  3. your daughters are obviously loved and radiate well-being and outter and inner beauty
    well done

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