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Being Reasonable

on August 28, 2012


All of us.

I’ve been trying to clean lately. That’s a big deal for me because I’m kind of a slob. My parents weren’t too big on the cleaning when I was a kid, and that was the way I was used to living. It is not however, how I would like for my children to live, so I have been working my buns off lately in an attempt to rewrite my cleaning habits part of the brain.

Yeah, it’s a part now.

This is exhausting. Very rewarding, mind you, but exhausting. Upon waking every morning, the kids and I get dressed and then make our way to the dining room to eat breakfast. As soon as I finish I start my pot of coffee and wash a load of dishes while it’s brewing. After the kids finish breakfast they are each responsible for doing one chore from their rainbow before they can play. I sit down and enjoy my first cup of coffee (normally checking my email or reading posts) while the kids play in the living room. After my first cup of coffee is done, I will gather a load of laundry, cart it down two flights of stairs and start the washing machine. I will then return to the kitchen, sort the recycling and make a second cup of coffee. The table is then wiped while my coffee sits on my desk being sipped occasionally, the dining room floor is swept, the kitchen floor is swept, the hall is swept. The kids do another chore (or two) from their chore rainbows while I make lunch. After lunch I move the washing into the dryer and they are responsible for picking up everything off the living room floor so I can vacuum. While Kira naps, Ally plays an ‘older child’ game or toy while I wash another load of dishes. I then sit down and try to play with her, or – more likely – am on the phone or computer trying to sort out some doctor’s appointment, school issue, financial aid, renovation hooblah. After Kira wakes up we have snack, fold laundry and do more chores from the chore rainbows. Then we put clothes away, tidy the bedrooms and try to squeeze in some outside time. Sheesh. Then it’s time to make dinner, the kids each do a chore from their chore rainbow, we eat dinner then have bath and either read books or watch a movie before bed. Then I have another load of dishes to do, and then I collapse on the couch somewhere.

This doesn’t leave too much time for you guys. And unfortunately, things are only going to get more busy as Ally starts school, Christmas approaches and (upon funding approval) I begin school in January.

I guess I just wanted to say that I’m still going to be around but until I get into a really good groove you guys might now hear any more from me than the weekly grocery shops.

So, yeah….I’m just being reasonable.


6 responses to “Being Reasonable

  1. sillyliss says:

    Wow, it sounds so organized at your house!

  2. wildacademicwoman says:

    I like a clean house, too, but I’m thinking some days it just may not happen, and I’m going to have to learn how to live with it!

  3. my mom used to say clean house, clean mind – but what’s the fun in that 🙂

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