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Chore Rainbows

on August 14, 2012

I saw a similar craft somewhere…but of course I can’t remember where. The gist was to write down behaviours that you want your child to model. I adapted this into chores because I want my kids to have better cleaning habits then I do, and it is best to start them young. Trust me. As an adult it sucks to try to change your cleaning habits.

The first step is to cut a cloud shape out of white paper and then write on it. Ours are labelled “Ally’s Chore Rainbow” and “Kira’s Chore Rainbow” respectively. I then cut out strips of coloured construction paper, and cut up old crummy magnets (thank you realtors) to stick to the strips with ye olde double sided sticky tape. One permanent marker later and the strips are labelled with whatever chores you deem appropriate for your child.

These have been a little…worn…because we’ve been using them for about a month now. Still good though! What I decided early on was to create twice as many coloured strips as necessary for a rainbow, and then allow the kids to pick which chores they wanted to do. Once a chore is completed they get the strip, once they have a strip of every colour they are allowed to choose a ‘prize’ from the treasure box. This box is filled with small dollar store toys such as rings, zoo animals, and dinosaurs and helps to encourage the kids to push through their chores.

The current available chores for the kids are:

  • use the duster
  • pick up dishes
  • put away hair stuff
  • garbage/recycling
  • pick up laundry
  • bathroom recycling
  • pick up dog toys
  • wash the walls
  • organize dish cupboard
  • put toys away (Ally)
  • put toys away (Kira)
  • tidy bookshelf
  • put shoes away
  • bedroom animals
  • make your bed (Ally)
  • make your bed (Kira)
  • sweep the stairs
  • dry the dishes
  • wash the table
  • feed the dog
  • organize toys
  • special request chore (Ally)
  • special request chore (Kira)
  • {blank}

While most of these are fairly self explanatory, the {blank} chore is simply the last strip that hasn’t been designated yet. Once I added a second set of strips I left them blank and filled them in as repetitive chores became noticeable. “Special Request Chore” strips are given if one of them completes a chore that I ask them to do that is not a regular chore. For example, putting away clean laundry is a job that only Ally can do, but it doesn’t need to happen daily or even every other day so it doesn’t deserve it’s own strip.

This method works so well for the kids that I was inspired to make my own chore rainbow to help keep me on task.

I only have one set of chores at this point, but these are the daily ones. Everything else is just additional mom chores that I normally stumble upon of my own accord.

All in favour? Motion passes. I rock.


12 responses to “Chore Rainbows

  1. kebibarra says:

    I agree you totally rock! I’m going to have to do this with Max!

  2. Melissa says:

    Another very cute idea by coffee powered mom!

  3. wildacademicwoman says:

    I totally have to try this!

    • It works soooooo well around here. Every morning after breakfast our new rule is that at least one chore has to be done before they can play. The rainbow allows them to choose which chore they would like to do, which helps them to feel more in control. 😀

      Plus, each morning two little chores are accomplished. We have the same rule following lunch AND if they want to do something special (ie watch a movie) then they have to do a certain numbers of chores prior to the event.

  4. Foodler Kids says:

    Great idea! I like that you did a “mom” chore rainbow so they can see how much effort you are putting into the home too.

    • Thank you! There are obviously more chores that I do that didn’t make the rainbow (for example, cleaning the bathroom…I DO that, promise) but those are my daily chores. Laundry is becoming a daily chore though… 😀

  5. I love this! I am going to try to start it tomorrow!

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