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Kira’s Second Birthday Party

on August 2, 2012

Weeks upon weeks of late.

What can I say? My eczema is not getting better, and I’ve been really busy lately – trying to relearn my cleaning habits and planning my future and all that.


Kira turned 2! And we had her birthday party a couple of days before the big event. On a Monday.

Why on a Monday? Well…Ally is with her dad three out of every four weekends, so it was more conducive to our schedules to have Kira’s party (with just family and adult friends) on a Monday evening. We had a backyard barbeque!

Kira’s birthday party had an airplane theme because she loves airplanes. I purchased a bunch of dollar store airplanes for decorations, and each of them came with a cardboard picture of the plane next to a small diagram for assembly, and the back of each piece of cardboard was just a big image of clouds in the sky. I cut the instructional diagram off of the end of each piece of cardboard, hole punched the top corners of each piece, wrote ‘Happy’ ‘Birthday’ ‘Kira’ on the clouded side and alternated plane, sky, plane, sky, plane sky as a homemade birthday banner.

I’m really sorry if that’s confusing. I made it three or four days before the party and I thought I had taken a picture of it…but I guess I didn’t.

So I had a bunch of cardboard ends now that had clouds in sky on one side, and airplane assembly diagrams on the other. After doing a quick mental letter count I cut the pieces up so that I had enough of them to create a smaller secondary banner.

I took a picture of this one! *grin*

The party was at 4pm, so Phil and I decorated all through the nasty peak sun while the girls were napping. (At least, Kira was napping. I’m 95% sure Ally was just reading quietly, but I’ll take it!) After they woke up we brought them outside to show Kira her birthday party decorations.

“Oooooh! B’loons!!!”

This is a picture of Kira’s descent into the backyard, but it was the best picture of her birthday outfit.

I always try to buy a birthday dress that goes with the theme of the party, unable to find ‘airplane’ patterned clothes, I stumbled across this dress in the clearance section one day. It looked to me like a cloud in the sky. So I purchased it and then later bought toy airplanes which I sewed on to the dress. I used the third airplane and braided it into a headband made entirely of wool.

Also, those are her second full braids ever. She’s so big.

This is one of the airplanes that I assembled from the dollar store. I hung them on some wool and then strung them out along our laundry line. The proof is in the clothes pins.

Each one of those pins is holding an airplane. There are also two hanging from the trellis by the shed, and these four:

Kira in her ‘Birthday Girl’ chair.

This is the cake that Aunt Heather made for Kira.

Then Kira opened her gifts, which she loved! I’m not a big fan of displaying what other people gifted her, so you will all have to survive on this single picture of Kira sitting with me while we read one of her cards.

It was a great party, and Kira loved every minute of it.

I’ve got to go now, the kids are fighting and I need to run out to the store. Until next time!


15 responses to “Kira’s Second Birthday Party

  1. sillyliss says:

    Wow, you really know how to do a theme. I am so impressed. What a marvelous party. Happy birthday, Kira!

  2. kebibarra says:

    Happy birthday!!!

  3. My kids would probably kill for that dress.

  4. Happy Birthday to your cutie!!! What a great cake!

  5. Nina says:

    Happy birthday to your little Kira! That’s a great theme.

    • Thank you! And the theme was fairly straight forward. Every time she sees and airplane she screams “AIRPLANE!” at the top of her lungs and points to it….so…the attraction was there. 😀

  6. Looks like a blast! Great job! Working on the combo party for my two littles this month. Hungry caterpillar theme. 🙂

  7. myhonestself says:

    LOVE the dress & head band!!! What a fantastic idea, and so simple!!! The cake looked fantastic too!! I kinda really really love the fact that you had a two year old girl AIR PLANE party as opposed to a princess party!!!! 🙂

    ***And as a side note….you were gone for so long I thought you were gone for real!!! I missed reading your posts!!!!!

  8. pamasaurus says:

    She is adorable!!! Happy belated 2nd birthday to her!!

    And, hopefully you get things figured out! I miss your posts… although I’ve been an awful blogger lately as well.

  9. jkossowan says:

    Awesome job! I love, love, love her little dress and headband. Such a great idea!!!

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