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How Eczema and Explorer Teamed Up to Slow My Blog

on July 19, 2012

First I fell behind. Camping and whatnot.

Then Internet Explorer did a terrible thing and crashed each and every one of your blogs at least three times when I went to view your new posts. This is why my comments have been more infrequent and most of the time I only click ‘Like’ if I like them. Luckily, Phil recommended that I install Mozilla Firefox – which I did – and now your pages no longer crash.

But then there’s the eczema. I’m in the middle of a flare up right now, so my fingers hurt. Typing is slow and riddled with errors. I tried to take a picture to show you guys but it’s really hard to hold/focus/light a picture of your right hand because it’s so close to your not-as-steady left hand.

Then I tried to Google “eczema on hands” to show you a picture and I wanted to vomit. For serious. I increased my pulse and shallowed my breathing looking at that nasty shiz.

I found one though.









THIS is the closest picture to my eczema that I could find.

Picture from here.

Right now my ring finger has a crater in it (from the eczema pussing, breaking open and then burning away the flesh in a certain area) that is pulling the skin around it tight and confusing my nerves. My pinky thinks it’s in pain, but when I touch it…it’s not…

So one to three of my fingers at any given time are wrapped up which makes it difficult to bend them and then to type and such.

I will be back soon! We have so much to catch up on!


22 responses to “How Eczema and Explorer Teamed Up to Slow My Blog

  1. pamasaurus says:

    Oh no! I hope your eczema clears up soon! My aunt has it… and oddly enough, she figured out that dairy products induced flair ups. Weeeird.

  2. How does one get that? Looks and sounds terribly uncomfortable! But glad you switched to mozilla. It’s been working well for me! 🙂

    • It’s not contagious, before I start people thinking that. There are a few possible suspects including allergies, genes, and diet sensitivities. (So says my minimal internet research)

    • Kerry says:

      I got it after I birthed my second baby. Never had it before that (?)… I finally found, years ago, that Aveeno baby lotion with oatmeal is the only thing that worked on my hands. And I tried everything. That’s my miracle lotion. Have you tried that? I’ve never had a horrible breakout since. I keep a big old bottle next to my bed and in the car for when my hands start feeling itchy or dry. So sorry you’re in this pain. It stinks, I know.

  3. You poor thing – that’s terrible! I hope it gets better quickly.

    • Ah, well, that’s quite a kind thought. I’ve had it for two and a half years now, so I think it’s probably going to stick around for…ever…
      BUT! It does get less painful and oozy occasionally, so that is what I am hoping for!

  4. lorajbanks says:

    Wow, we really are a pair. Between your hands and my rosacea-rash-face we’re like red, sore, itchy, flaky, bumpy twins.

  5. blackcatsandbuttons says: youngest gets it like that too..its a horrid thing when it flares up. Hope you heal soon & get back to the blogosphere..

  6. kebibarra says:

    That sucks! Hope you get to feeling better soon girlie!

  7. knittingmommas says:

    Hope your hands start to feel better soon DS(4) and I both have mild eczema on our hands, his were red and raw from October last year till May of this year, finally a prescription cream worked. We had it clear up a few times, but something at school was affecting him, we never did figure it out, before school ended.

  8. doingwrongright says:

    I have eczema on my hands too. I got it at an old job in a restaurant and it went away when I quit, but it returned mid-pregnancy and is still around. It’s so gross, and I have yet to find anything that helps for more than a month or two. 😦

    • I had never had it when I was a kid or anything. Blasted thing started two and a half years ago when I was working in a restaurant and then it has *moved* around my hands since then, but has never left. Sigh.

  9. stinsbina2211 says:

    I’ve had eczema since I was little. I’m now 32. I find that my eczema changes over the years. I too get it bad on my pinky finger. You can go to the doctor and they’ll give you a cream. But I have found what works better for me is the cortisone 10 eczema lotion you can buy at any drug store. I rub it in then to the affected area then I put more on top and dont rub it in and let it sink into the skin. Believe me I’ve tried everything over the years.

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