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T-Shirt Quilt – The Beginning

on July 14, 2012

I decided a couple of months back to start making quilts for the kids. Not because I’ve ever made a quilt before, or because I wanted a hand-sewn challenge (I have no sewing machine) but because I was getting sad about throwing away adorable clothes because they were stained (or donating them when they were outgrown!).

The first step to making a t-shirt quilt without looking up how to make quilts at all is: collect shirts.

This step is an ongoing step. I’m not done. I’ll probably not be done for a few years.

Nice project, coffeepoweredmom.

These are some of Kira’s ‘stained’ shirts that I loved.

After you’ve collected some shirts (or one at a time you go hard, you) the next step is to decide what size of squares you want for your quilt. What was a big impact on my decision was the size of the pictures on the front of the shirts. I wanted to include as much of a large design onto one square as possible. I also wanted rectangles that when placed together became a square, and a smaller square that was 1/4 of the size of the large square. I ended up choosing 7×7″ 3.5×7″ and 3.5×3.5″. I outlined the shapes on cardboard, and then cut them out to use as templates for each shirt.

I also labelled them to keep for future reference.

The next step is to trace your template onto your shirts. I cut each shirt as closely to the seam as possible and then laid them flat before outlining the templates in pen.

Ally’s shirt fit a rectangle and a small square across the bottom.

The largest squares were reserved for the images that appear on the front of the t-shirts.

The rectangles were handy for making the most out of a pair of pink plaid shorts that I saved from Ally.

Annnnnd then there are the smaller squares which are fantastic for clothes with teeny tiny patterns all over them, using up extra pieces of shirts, or my favourite – repurposing some of the larger sleeves.

The above pile is just from three shirts and one pair of shorts. As I collect more items over time I will continue to cut them up and eventually will lay them out into a large quilt for each of them. This way, as teenagers (and maybe even adults…*sob*) they’ll be able to have a lovely warm quilt made of the clothes they had when they were little.



Kira’s going to be 2 soon.

Her birthday party is quickly approaching and I will be pretty busy those days. So…you know…I’ll miss you.

How does the time fly so bloody fast?!?!?


7 responses to “T-Shirt Quilt – The Beginning

  1. sillyliss says:

    This is so cool! I wish I was as craft as you.

  2. pamasaurus says:

    I’ve been saving Trinity’s clothes for a while now. I plan on making her a quilt like this for her high school graduation (which will be in like 6 years, ugggh, I’m going to cry now!). I’ve been keeping her dance recital shirts/play shirts/tball shirts/stuff like that. I’m excited about it, but I’m more than willing to wait to make it 😉

  3. filltheirbellies says:

    This is an awrsome idea! It’s killing me to toss out some of my kids perfectly good but outgrown clothing!

    • Silly children! Staining and outgrowing perfectly adorable clothes!
      I think the first time I ever tried to repurpose clothes would have been three years ago when I cut the duck design off of a sleeper with a hole in it and sewed it onto a bag I made.

  4. quilts scare me – I mean, not to own/use because I love them – but making a quilt? You are impressive!!

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