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The Grocery Bill – Week One

on July 12, 2012

This week’s grocery shopping was done at the same time as my giant purchase of meat occurred. I was thoughtful enough to put it on a second bill for my record keeping (win). On this particular day, I had not yet decided to increase my grocery budget to $60 per week or $240 per month, so I was under the assumption I had $26.33 to spend. Laaaaaame.

Week One Groceries

  • 2.7 kg (two bunches) of bananas
  • 1.235 kg (5) oranges
  • polish sausage
  • 2 bricks of cheese

TOTAL: $22.51

Meals I could make this week? None. No new meals out of this grocery shop. This is around the time I seriously started to question my budget. We had to make due with food that was still in the house from the previous month. One night our next door neighbour gave us some swiss chard to try, so I whipped up a delicious chili with it!

Our monthly budget is now $240, minus $94.70 for meat, plus $15 of kijiji cash = $160.30

If we subtract week one, we are left with $137.79 for the remaining three weeks OR $45.93 per week. Looking better already!

Swiss Chard Chili

(I didn’t take a picture. Sorry)

Brown one pound of ground beef. Add 5 stalks of swiss chard, and leaves, all chopped up. Add one diced onion, one diced tomato, one can of tomato sauce and approximately 1/2 can of water. Season to taste (I used chili powder, garlic powder, and a small dash of black pepper) and simmer for hours – I think we did four.

It was delicious, you’ll have to take my word for it. I didn’t like the swiss chard raw, but as soon as it was in the chili it was like a hearty spinach. SO good.


4 responses to “The Grocery Bill – Week One

  1. billduff says:

    I’m so proud of you for keeping to your budget! Bravo. Don’t know that I ‘ll try the chili – but I do appreciate the thought of it… Having just written that – maybe I should try it. ANd I’ll let you know.

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