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Super Movie Popcorn Party Mix

on July 12, 2012

Guess who doesn’t feed their kids that much junk food.

It’s me. I’m a complete hypocrite though. I would definitely buy the stuff and then eat it after they went to bed. Yummy.

Last hockey season we took to letting the kids watch the first period (in bed by 8pm) and we would all eat popcorn (gasp) in the living room (that’s a big nono normally). This made it super special and they loved it. Nowwww the hockey season is over for the summer and I was missing the ‘special’ thing, so we decided to watch a ‘new’ movie together and we made Super Movie Popcorn Party Mix.

PS, the name can be any combination of the above words. We’re cool like that.

To make Super Movie Popcorn Party Mix you simply make popcorn, add cereal (we used a handful of MultiGrain Cheerios and a handful of Life) and sprinkle with chili powder.

Then you get one cute helper to mix it.

Then you divide it into bowls, etc. to eat (we use kids cups). Everyone loves this! When the four of us sit down we usually have to make two batches because Phil and I will eat so much of it.

I don’t know if I’d recommend that part…

PS I tossed a linked image on the sidebar for voting for the photo contest —————————->

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8 responses to “Super Movie Popcorn Party Mix

  1. Yum. I would have never thought of the Life cereal with the chili powder combo… But you like? I’m game to try it! We’ll mix all kinds of oddball concoctions (sp?) in our home. And… We’re cool like that, too. ;). Go check out my chicken chilupas recipe I just posted – it makes a ton and fairly cheap, I think you’ll like. Tell me if you’ve made these before.

  2. lorajbanks says:

    “Just what I needed: ANOTHER easy snack idea.” – my hips. I’ll go test it out now.

  3. Heck, yes! And I voted…three times.

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