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The Grocery Bill – July Meat

on July 11, 2012

One thing I didn’t have to do last month was shop for meat. Pretty much all of our meat had been purchased prior to June to due my need to stock up when there’s a sale. Well, didn’t I go out with a plan in mind and luck upon some discount meat on the 6th.

All of this meat is to be deducted from the monthly budget, and what better time then now to announce that I am increasing our monthly grocery budgetfrom $200 to a whopping $240. This will allow us an additional $10 per week (now $60) which will allow us to buy vegetables again. Oh, how I missed thy tender green leafs…

But I digress.

July Meats

  • 10 lbs of ground beef
  • inside round steak
  • 3 packages of pork loin center chop
  • sirloin tip steak
  • 2 pork loin center roasts
  • 2 whole chickens
  • 1 flattened chicken
  • inside beef roast
  • outside round beef roast

TOTAL: Are you sure you’re ready for this? I gotallof this meat for 30% off. All. Of. It.

The total, for 22 separate packages of meat was: $94.70



Yeah, I’m happy.

That leaves a resounding $145.30 for four weeks worth of groceries OR $36.32 per week!

{Oh my…CPM…that’s less that your previous $50 per week. How are you going to buy those groceries?}

Well, first of all, when I purchased Week One and Week Two’s groceries (yeah, I’m a little far behind on my posting) I thought I had $25 per week only, so I’m going to have roll over money for the last two weeks!!!

Secondly, using I was able to sell a doll house and baby monitors and make an extra $15 for groceries!

This increases the total to $160.30 for four weeks worth of groceries OR $40.07 per week. Sweet!

I will post Week One tomorrow and Week Two the following day…sorry for falling so far behind but I’ve been trying to do the dishes at least three times a day and that is SUPREMELY difficult for me, so my brain has stopped working for everything else.



10 responses to “The Grocery Bill – July Meat

  1. myhonestself says:

    Wow….dishes 3 times a day! You rock! Your math makes me a little dizzy (I study leisure not math) but all in all it sounds pretty amazing that your able to manage your grocery bills in such detail! We just went grocery shopping hungry – BIG mistake! $130 later…which was after my 30% off student discount (yes!!!). Lesson learned, next time we will have PB&J sandwiches before heading out! Keep up the good work!!!

  2. oregana says:

    I always thought budgeting was very straightforward and boring. Yours is confounding! Good luck to you! 🙂

    • Confounding? As in I’m making it too hard on myself? Or…?

      • oregana says:

        It almost sounds mystical. 🙂 When I set up a budget, the numbers stay fixed. There is no borrowing, no float. When I max out, I do without. I hope yours works for you. Again, good luck!

        Also…a flattened chicken? Did it get run over by a truck when it tried to cross the road? LOL

  3. rachwiley says:

    Can you do my budget!!!!

  4. Wow! You really know how to stretch a buck!
    We have really cut back on meat and not because we’ve become vegan or anything. It’s just so expensive! But I love the smell of barbeque so we do chicken breasts from Costco & stock up on hot dogs & hamburgers when they’re on sale.

  5. iwtkangaroo says:

    What a smokin’ deal!

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