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Camera Companies – Pay Attention!

on July 10, 2012

Because you know you want the marketing that I can give you. Hahaha!

Here are some photos from a walk that Kira and I went on to the park a couple of weeks ago. There were lots of birds. I love birds. I want a bird book. And more importantly

I want a camera that has amazing optical zoom (not digital) and takes photos at a fast rate (clickclickclickclickclick) and can capture motion really well.

Case and point, I wish these photos were better of these birds.

Crow or Grackle, I can’t remember now and the photo is too ‘artsy’ and shadowy for me to tell.

Red-winged Black Bird

Morning Dove

Wood Pecker
-from across the road

Wood Pecker
-from beside the tree

Wood Pecker

There were also some Black-Capped Chickadees in a bush, but they were camera shy.

Dear Camera Companies:

If you were to gift me a beautiful camera that has massive optical zoom, can take multiple pictures quickly, and is great at motion shots then I would flog the snot out of it in my blog. Plus, I would genuinely appreciate it as a poor momma of two, to be able to capture more of their precious moments.




It also started raining on the walk home and Kira loved standing there feeling the rain fall on her.




16 responses to “Camera Companies – Pay Attention!

  1. myhonestself says:

    Argh, I feel your “po” pain!!! A fancy camera has been on my wish list for years with no chance in sight!! I’ve picked out a few ranging from $500 and up but just can’t spend that kind of money on a camera 😦

  2. pamasaurus says:

    I want a telescopic lens for my little camera soooo bad! I don’t understand why these things are so expensive :/ It makes me so sad.

  3. Fun. And seeing a woodpecker is always super cool and exciting.

  4. liking the woodpecker a lot 🙂

  5. Kerry says:

    You are so funny. 🙂

    Seriously, write to some companies and ask if they want to advertise on your site, do a giveaway, and/or give you one to test-drive and blog about. The worst they can say is no, not interested. Go for it.

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