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The Great Outdoors Photo Challenge – Entries and Voting

on July 8, 2012

Welcome to coffeepoweredmom’s SECOND Photo Challenge! After a sudden influx of entries there are now SIXTEEN possible photos to vote for! Given the amount of entries this time, I have set up the poll at the end to allow you each to vote for THREE photos. You may vote for two or one if you choose, but you are allowed to vote for three. The captions on the photos number them (hello, thanks for randomizing the entry order for me) and the number are used to associate the photo on the poll at the bottom. Each picture, if clicked, will take you to the participant’s blog.

Thank you to every one who participated (and to those who didn’t but will help us determine the winner by voting), the turnout this round was more than I expected and I am quite happy! You guys are an awesome group of people.

If you prefer not to be swayed by names then I would recommend that you look at the photos, pick your top three and remember their numbers before you reach the poll at the bottom. The poll lists the numbers and the names.

Voting closes at 9am, EST on July 15th 2012. Enjoy! Pick three!





















This is the point where you will want to memorize your favourite numbers before you see the names attached to them. If you aren’t too concerned about that, then power on through!





Here is the poll, you can vote for up to three different photos. Winners will be announced at 10am EST on July 15th 2012!


4 responses to “The Great Outdoors Photo Challenge – Entries and Voting

  1. Lot of good pictures to chose from!

  2. sillyliss says:

    It was hard to pick three!

  3. […] on the picture to vote, or you can click here voting closes at 9am EST on July 15th Pass the […]

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