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Indoor Hopscotch

on June 30, 2012

This internet idea was gifted to me by the very lovely myhonestself from justmypeanuts. I saw this idea and thought ‘sweet!’ and I didn’t even wait for a rainy or wintery day! I hunted down our last roll of painter’s tape (eep, unlike myhonestself we will still need this for painting…hello dollar store later…) and crafted this masterpiece.

The girls were super excited and intrigued about this. Kira’s never seen hopscotch before, and Ally has never played it. After it was created I reach a minor conundrum: what to use for rocks.

Well, pssh. I’m not going to encourage my kids to bring and then throw rocks inside the house. I needed a toy. A toy that would not bounce or roll easily. A toy that could be thrown and would most likely stop.

The frogs.

These are small plastic frogs that the kids got from a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese several months ago. They worked perfectly! Not too hard (so they weren’t a danger for throwing) and they stop more or less where they land.

Kira would just throw her frog and then walk back and forth in an exaggerated fashion, while Ally thoroughly enjoyed the game and is working on hopping on one foot. It’s quite challenging when you’re not quite four.


11 responses to “Indoor Hopscotch

  1. Clever. Love this. Doing this!

  2. hnMom says:

    What a great idea. Not only good for rainy days but also hot days.

  3. Awesome idea! When my kid’s older I’ll probably try this on our kitchen floor. I LOVED hopscotch as a kid.

  4. myhonestself says:

    Love the frogs!!! Plus you totally one up’d me by making the half moon style 10! It makes it look so much better!!!

  5. vpiciakpotduchya1979 says:

    Reblogged this on Tricia West Blog.

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