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Memetales = Awesome

on June 28, 2012

Today I discovered a site called Memetales while I was creeping some new sites I found, specifically 52 Brand New.

Memetales (MeMeTales?) is hosting a Readathon and if you activate a simple account – yeah, it was simple and free…you know me – then you have access to some books that you can read on your computer with your kids. Now, I’m no expert. In fact, I’m barely browsing around this site. But if you click here then you can sign up and view some books with your kids too! Yay, sharing!

Vayu, The Wind
memetales logo

Vayu, The Wind

 See more at memetales

This is the first book that we read and I believe it is Indian in origin.

memetales logo

Lott’s Tea Party

 See more at memetales

When we read this book, Kira repeated every word that I said out loud. Every. One. Her participation is so cute.

memetales logo


 See more at memetales

This was the best book, in my opinion, of the books that we read today. Heart warming and full of love.

Ally says: “I liked all the books. My favourite was the one with the grey, silly wind. (Vayu, the Wind)”

This site is super interesting, we probably read 10 books or more in the past 45 minutes (that includes getting the pictures above). The only downside that I can find so far, other than not being able to fully understand the point system, is that a couple of books are from different parts of the world and I sounded like a fool trying to pronounce the character’s names! Srigeri Srinivas? It was painful to hear. My poor kids must have been confused as to why Mommy couldn’t say the man’s name. I feel bad. Like I’m culturally insensitive or something. Sigh.

Other than that – top notch. I’ve favourited it and we will read more tomorrow! And every day! Yayyyyy!


2 responses to “Memetales = Awesome

  1. myhonestself says:

    This has been on my to do list since she posted it!!!! Glad you checked it out and gave it the thumbs up, we’ll definitely be doing it now!!!

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