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The Coach

on June 26, 2012

Are you ever floored by the price of something? Given, I’ve been poor my entire life, but sometimes the prices of things just shock me.

I was gifted a beautiful purse yesterday. It’s a Coach. That’s like the new Gucchi or something. This particular status symbol came with its price tag in tact. *clears throat* ZOMGWTFBBQ!

This “evening out” purse could potentially hold my wallet and some tampons, but I’m not holding my breath about my camera. It’s gorgeous and I’m grateful, I just want to make a point about its effectiveness. This purse was purchased on sale (sweet, but still…) but I want to discuss its normal retail price.


Are you shocked? I am.

Here is a list of potential things I could pay for – in my usual bills – with $178.00 that are not a purse.

  • over three weeks – almost four weeks – of groceries
  • two months worth of heat
  • three and a half months of electricity
  • over three months of water
  • over five months ofphone bill
  • more than one month of bank loan repayment
  • more than seven months of resp contributions
  • over three months ofinternet

In one month I could take $178.00 (or should we call it: one handbag’s worth of money) and pay for: heat, hydro and my phone bill; internet, resp contribution and two weeks worth of groceries; or my bank loan payment…and a case of beer.

So I guess this is what shocks me. There is obviously a market for these handbags. They are beautiful, but you would never catch me buying one. Especially not at full price. This much money could better serve me elsewhere. In all the…minimum payment parts of my life. $178 could put me $178 closer to paying off my MasterCard…anyone want to buy a slightly touched Coach? Hahaha!

PS There is only FOUR MORE DAYS in The Great Outdoors Photo Challenge. Pleeeeeeeeeeease submit a photo! Pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!!

PPS Want to see the purse? Click here for The Coach – Part 2.


22 responses to “The Coach

  1. I know what you mean – things are crazy pricey! BUT! Do you love it? Is it pretty? Was it given to you lovingly? If the answer is yes to any or all of these questions – then just enjoy it. Without guilt. I’m very pragmatic too – and I would tally all the practical things I could do with that money too – but sometimes in this world you need luxury. Nutty, unpractical luxury. You deserve it!

    • Hahaha, it is beautiful and very much appreciated. I was able to give my old purse to the kids as a toy. Woo. I’m just easily shocked how much people are willing to spend on some things.

  2. My husband works in a restaurant where two people can easily spend $300 on dinner. I go through the same thought process as you. I guess there is money out there somewhere! 🙂 as for the photos… you know, I’ve been looking all week for a good one but we never hang out in the great outdoors. Do swimming pool photos count?

  3. sillyliss says:

    What a neat gift. I would feel weird taking it out in public. I would be constantly worried about it getting stolen. Ha.

  4. Kathy V. says:

    Everyone needs some ridiculous luxuries in their lives. And hell, if you’re managing to get through three weeks of grocery shopping on only $178, then sister, you seriously deserve it. Wear the bag. Live it up!

  5. kebibarra says:

    I’m with you- as awesome as they are I just couldn’t bring myself to pay their prices. Like you said, there’s so much more the money could go towards…but hey, if they are going to give it–it’d be kinda rude not to take it, right? lol And I agree, you totally, more than than the average, deserve it!

  6. Wow, I don’t think I own a handbag! I carry stuff around in a beat up old rucsac 🙂 What does $178 worth of handbag look like? I have loads of Great outdoors photos, just not with coffee in them, that’s the rules, right?

  7. myhonestself says:

    I specifically stopped at Tim Horton’s just to get a coffee on our way to a friends trailer…..forgot the coffee in the car!!!! So all my cute pictures have no coffee in them!!! I’ll keep trying to remember.

    How about a picture of this coach purse???!!

  8. kab010111 says:

    I think the same way about money, however I’m more willing to spend a little more money on other people (my husband especially) than on myself. What’s amazed me recently is the fact that I can buy a brand new pair of dress slacks (with the tag still on!) at Goodwill for $3.95 that a couple years ago I would have spent $40 on at Kohls. I’ve decided that rather than dwell on all the money I’ve wasted, I’ll just focus on all the money I can save in the future.

    Here’s to a fun night out with your new purse!

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