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A Headache and a Razor

on June 20, 2012

I can’t believe how tired I am this morning. And after I’m finally up to the point in my pictures that I can talk about my camping trip. Sigh. Bummer.

Next post (unless I have to do Au Courant Fare first) will be all about our Epic Camping Trip. It may even be tomorrow…ooh, suspense.

I’ve had the same razor since I was 14 years old. Obviously, I’ve replaced the heads over the years, but the same funky, chunky razor has been mine for about a decade.

This baby right here: it’s the Gillette Women’s Sensor Excel Razor. I had to Google “Gillette Women’s Razor” and then scroll through the picture to find which one it was. It’s been so long since I’ve even looked hard at the thing that I couldn’t remember what the name was.

Anyways! This razor was a good little razor, although I couldn’t begin to describe the black coloured mold that would grow in the top of the grippy thing, or how many times I had to bleach it so it became sanitary once more, alas, when I went to purchase more heads for this razor (about 6 months ago) my local Walmart had stopped selling them. I complained for a while, then bit the bullet and bought a new razor.

Now it took me a couple of months to go through my remaining replacement heads, but last week I finally bit the bullet and tossed my SensorExcel. I then used manicure scissors to hack open the package for my new razor. May I introduce: Gillette Venus Spa Breeze

I was so hesitant to use this razor. I hadn’t used any other razor ever in my whole life. Ever.


The Venus Spa Breeze razor has three blades, two are front facing and one is rear facing, and is surrounded by some sort of sleek, smooth, rich-people soap. This razor glides over my body, using the springy-give type thing on all of the blades so you can get close to your skin without cutting yourself. It is highly effective at cutting the hair down, my legs are smooth and razor burn free. I even shaved them this morning using no additional soaps or creams and I don’t have any razor burn. The razor does amazing work on my armpits, allowing for hair that grows on funny angles to be taken care of with the rear facing blade, and I have most likely halved the number of strokes I use for under my arms.

My only complaint about this razor is for your downstairs. I may be able to master this with more practise, but for the clean up zone next to the leg (the bikini line, I believe) I find that the fancy soap around the head hinders the blades ability to maneuver.

That’s all.

I’d highly recommend this razor to anyone. Any. One.

PS! Photo Challenge!!! Only ten more days to take your picture and submit it! There is only one entry thusfar, let’s get on it!!!!


6 responses to “A Headache and a Razor

  1. I had a sensor excel way back when and LOVED it! Now I mostly steal razors from my husband’s stash and I always hate them. Hmmm… perhaps it’s time for me to buy a pretty pink razor just for me! 🙂

  2. lorajbanks says:

    Now you only have to take out a second mortgage to buy the replacement blades! But it is worth it. I have a Venus and I have been known to use a blade for a good 6 months. I only shave my legs three times during that span, but they do last a while. Happy shaving!

  3. tdblue says:

    I so remember using that razor in high school! I’m like Lora – I’ll keep a razor for months on end because I HATE how much the replacement blades cost. That rusty thing in the shower, yep, it’s mine.

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