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on June 16, 2012

Dearest Followers of Mine:
Please go to F-Words and become a follower of hers, and then comment and tell her that COFFEEPOWEREDMOM sent you so that I can be entered more into an awesome-tastic giveaway with a monster stuffie as a prize, but then don’t enter yourself so that I have a higher chance of winning. Okay, I guess you can enter if you want to…but the first part is really important.
F-Words is really really REALLY funny. And clever. And sometimes tasty. So you’re going to want to follow her blog no matter what. No. Matter. What.
K, thanks.


So every Christmas I make most of my gifts.  Because I have the time?  No.  Because I am cheap?  Partially.  Because I’m completely nuts?  Bingo!  Anyway, this past Christmas I made these little monster stuffies for my kiddles.

The big ones stand about 18-inches tall and they all double as a pillow.  They’re super sturdy and they’re customized for each kid.

Ruby is our resident princess, so hers is the pink one with hearts and bows.

Emma’s is the orange and blue one.  She loves owls (hence the fabric) and clenching things (mostly hair but that’s another post altogether) with her fingers, while touching it with her thumb.  Weird…but that’s why I put those horns on it – for her to hold onto.

Then Ben is a boy (not unfortunately named girl, duh) so his is blue and small.  He was 9-months at the time and well let’s be honest…

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