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Soccer Star

on June 13, 2012

Ally recently started soccer! A local soccer club sent out paper ads in the mail, and it worked. They offered a level for kids born in 2008 (and 2009) and all of the kids older than that, but I was so excited to see a team sport that was age appropriate that I forked out the money and signed her up. After asking her, of course.

Here are some of my favourite photos from her practises.

This picture above? She had taken the ball up the field and a little boy took it from her and scored. She just stood there looking at the ball! She was so confused because she thought it was ‘her turn’ and he had taken it from her, hahahaha!

“I can sit on my ball too.”

Kira’s her water-girl.

She loves soccer so much and looks forward to it every week. If only the soccer club was better at communications…

PS We’re camping right now, so it will take me a few days to reply to any comments! Enjoy the rest of the week!


21 responses to “Soccer Star

  1. lorajbanks says:

    They’re adorable.

  2. filltheirbellies says:

    I played soccer for over 12 years, some of my absolute favorite times and memories!

    • That’s so great! We’re trying to introduce the kids to a bunch of activities early on so that they can find something they’re passionate about. We want them to be up and about instead of being indoor people. 😀

  3. kebibarra says:

    Love the pictures. She is too cute. Have fun camping!!!

  4. Too freaking CUTE! Soccer is a fantastic thing to get kids into. It’s outdoors, involves a lot of running(when they’re older at least) and really helps with coordination and stuff. It’s great thet you’re getting her started so young but be careful for the PSM’s (Psycho Soccer Moms) who get WAY too competitive and sometimes downright nasty 🙂

    • There was already one PSM who was all up in the coach’s face asking about when they were going to play games and ‘the money she paid’ and blah blah blah, but for the age group (3 and 4 year olds) the soccer club is just working on skills with the occassional ten minute ‘scrimmage’ that consists of eight kids chasing a ball back and forth in a cluster of confusion!
      And even when they’re this age, Ally comes home sweaty!

  5. sillyliss says:

    That looks like lots of fun!

  6. pamasaurus says:

    Have fun camping!

    Your family is so adorable! She’s just too cute in her soccer clothes!!!

    • We had a blast! And thank you, her soccer uniform is adorable, but it’s SO BIG! There’s also an age group that’s one year younger than her, I imagine the kids must be swimming in those clothes!

  7. betsyk1 says:

    Really cute pictures. And it says Timbits on the back of her jersey. You’re killing me here!

    • Tim Hortons has got a good thing going here! They donate money to a couple of different sports clubs, and then have their name appear on all of these kids’ clothing. The kids get used to seeing the word (brand recognition) and all of the adults who see the kid, the kid’s picture, etc., then start jonesing for some of that Tims deliciousness.

  8. tdblue says:

    Ally is adorable. I want her shoes!

  9. She’s so adorable. Both of my nephews do soccer and just love it.

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