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The Great Outdoors – Photo Challenge

on June 11, 2012

Welcome to coffeepoweredmom’s SECOND Photo Challenge!

The theme for this challenge is: The Great Outdoors

The guidelines for The Great Outdoors is this: take a picture of you and/or your family enjoying the great outdoors. An outdoor activity that you love to do, or had a particularly awesome time doing, (ie hiking, swimming, skipping stones, climbing trees, etc.) ********Remember to include your coffee!**********

Rules and leniencies can be found here!

Please be aware that all contestants may submit one, two or three photos, but no more than three for the contest. Submissions must be emailed to me at or posted on your own blog and linked by comment by MIDNIGHT EST on June 30th July 7th 2012. I am, of course, lenient and if they are in my inbox by the time I sit down for my morning coffee on July 1st I will look the other way.

Voting will open at 10am EST on July 8th and will close at 9am EST on July 15th 2012.

To your cameras!!!


8 responses to “The Great Outdoors – Photo Challenge

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  4. sillyliss says:

    Shoot, I took some pictures today but they weren’t of an activity. FAIL. I’ll try again.

  5. We had our own mini International Mud Day in the garden today. Not the greatest ‘The Great Outdoors’, but still is was out of the house. Picture is hidden in here somewhere 🙂

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