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Au Courant Fare

on June 1, 2012

au courant – in the current

fare – food; diet

Every week I will challenge myself to try new recipes from around the interwebs. New, and easy recipes because my cooking skill is…subpar…and my energy level is minimum! The challenge is to try at least ONE new recipe each week, and to critique and photograph these creations. I will post this every Friday. Yay for challenges!

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This week I tried:

California Salad (Dude)

This recipe comes from F-Words and I love spinach. Especially baby spinach leaves. This recipe reminded me so much of this lovely salad that I used to make back when I worked in this tea shop, mixed with a mandarin orange salad that I used to make after I became a mom and *inhale* this is totally all of her creation. Not the man’s.

You’re going to need an amazing combination of: baby spinach, cucumber, strawberries, dried cranberries (I call them Craisins even though I’m too cheap to buy the name brand), slivered almonds, a can of mandarin orange segments, poppy seed salad dressing and ground black pepper.

Slice the cucumber and strawberries, drain the orange, and place all ingredients in a bowl. My cucumbers are de-skinned because cucumber skin helps to make acid reflux in the tum-tum and that’s a poor side effect of salad. You don’t need to skin your cucumbers.

To paraphrase lorajbanks if you don’t like any of these ingredients – don’t use them, if you like some ingredients a lot – use more. Paraphrased, wha-bam! She said to toast the slivered almonds by frying them in a little oil, and it seemed really yummy but guess who was lazy? The answer is: me. Sauce to your desired sauciness (I don’t normally like a lot of sauce, but poppy seed dressing could have a straw stuck down the hole and drank like a juice box. I added even more dressing after the camera turned away in disgust) and add ground black pepper.

Toss, eat, make inappropriate noises with your face. This salad is soooo delicious. SO delicious. It’s making me drool just thinking about it. I had enough ingredients to make two salads, so I had it two days in a row. Yepp, variety. At least it’s a salad.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and make this salad, and remember: all credit goes to F-Words…not the man.


5 responses to “Au Courant Fare

  1. lorajbanks says:

    Thanks for the ping-back lady! I’m glad you liked it. And I concur with your thoughts on poppy seed dressing (juice boxes).

  2. Aunt Jodi says:


  3. tdblue says:

    Looks delish. I make basically the same salad, but I use avocado instead of cucumber and raspberry vinaigrette instead of poppy seed. Yum.

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