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Missing Pieces?

on May 27, 2012

I can help with that.

If you weren’t too into my picture frames with puzzle pieces, then how about a beautiful picture to hang for display? This craft is especially useful if the pieces are big, or if your kids are madly in love with the puzzle but you are really sick of picking up all of the pieces that they scatter all over your home with a complete disregard for other people’s living spaces!

What you need:

One terrible puzzle that is missing pieces, the lid that shows the puzzle picture is helpful, a canvas that is equal to – or larger than the finished puzzle dimensions, a hot glue gun, and your choice of colouring medium. I chose pencil crayons. Knowing now what I do, next time I would choose crayons or markers because they are darker.

First, assemble the puzzle to the best of your ability. Then place the puzzle on the appropriate spot on the canvas: where ever you would like it.

You must now flex your artistic biceps and draw the missing pieces onto the canvas. Be careful to keep the puzzle pieces from shifting all over the place. Feel free to become super artsy and remove extra pieces from the puzzle (it helps with the illusion) and draw them in place as well.

After you have run out of patience finished colouring to your heart’s content, glue the puzzle pieces into place. You may then glue any extra pieces that you’ve taken out below the puzzle to create the illusion of the pieces falling out of the puzzle.

This is handy if nine or ten days later you come across another piece for this stupid puzzle because you can just add it to the pieces at the bottom. Not that this ever happened to me…yeah, it did.

Voila! Hang your ‘creation’ in your kid’s bedroom so that they feel loved and you don’t have to pick up those blasted pieces anymore. Ooooh, or even better, gift it to someone. Hehehe.

PS There are only two more days to have your say in who is named “Winner” of our first ever photo challenge.


2 responses to “Missing Pieces?

  1. stephicakes says:

    Um, you’re awesome! I am very not crafty.

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