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Au Courant Fare

on May 25, 2012

au courant – in the current

fare – food; diet

Every week I will challenge myself to try new recipes from around the interwebs. New, and easy recipes because my cooking skill is…subpar…and my energy level is minimum! The challenge is to try at least ONE new recipe each week, and to critique and photograph these creations. I will post this every Friday. Yay for challenges!

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This week I tried:

Corn, Pepper & Black Bean Salad

This recipe comes from home4tina and I have always wanted to make a black bean salad! After almost being the lamest person ever (see tomorrow’s post) I drank some more coffee, sat down and did some serious recipe searching. I came across a whole bunch that I wanted to try, but after a hasty walk to the grocery store, failing at life and getting too many things for my teeny tiny umbrella stroller, and then taking one whole hour to walk home because Kira wanted to walk and I really needed the stroller space for groceries: I wanted to make something that was fast and delicious.

Step 1: Read ingredients. Wonder what in the world cilantro is. Assume that since she says it should be ‘finely chopped’ that it is either a leafy vegetable or an herb. Think no further on the matter. Walk to the grocery store. Search for, find, and purchase cilantro. Turns out it’s an herb.

Step 2: Gather ingredients. Lay them out on the table to take a picture. Forget to not open the beans or tomatoes to drain until after the photo. Take a picture that includes the cans. Substitute ‘diced tomatoes with chilies’ for diced tomatoes. I don’t even know if my grocery store sells that. Substitute a can of corn for a cup of frozen corn. Substitute ‘canola oil’ for vegetable oil. Feel bad for substitutions momentarily…then remember that you just purchased cilantro.

Step 3: Chop cilantro. Forgo the intelligent thing to do, and don’t look up on the internet how or which parts to use. Smell the herb, fold it in half and chop. Stare into bowl thinking “she said 1/4 cup? This looks more like 1/2…I bet I could crush it into 1/4 cup if I tried…” shrug it off and continue.

Step 4: Dice 1/4 red onion and 1 red pepper. Throw into bowl. Add the beans, tomatoes, and corn that you were so thoughtfully draining whilst chopping. Mix.

Step 5: In a separate bowl, or measuring cup because you’re cool like that, whisk together the juice from one lime, 1/2 cup of vegetable oil, 1 teaspoon of chili powder, and salt and pepper to taste. So, roughly two shakes of the pepper and one of salt.

Pour the sauce on top, mix gently and enjoy! She says to refrigerate until use, but obviously your fridge is full because you just walked to the grocery store. Uh, uh, uh, smartie pants, your freezer is full too. Just leave it on the table until it’s consumed.

My comments: delicious. I will definitely be eating this again, although next time I will half the cilantro and the oil. Perhaps it’s because I don’t know/didn’t research how to use cilantro, but it is very strong tasting. It’s like, and I’m sorry if this discourages anyone from trying, but it tastes how I’d imagine those green stalks that start to sprout from old yellow onions taste. So, yeah, less next time. If I still don’t like it then I’ll cut it out all together. As for the oil? It didn’t affect the taste negatively, there is just a lot of sauce! I fed this to the kidlets as a main dish, and to the adults (after kidlet-bedtime, Phil works late this week) as a side dish with barbequed pork chops. Yum!

PS Four more days to vote for your favourite entry in the Spring Beauty Photo Challenge!


8 responses to “Au Courant Fare

  1. i am a cilantro FANATIC. You’re right – it’s very strong. People either love it or hate it. I do this same salad – with the addition of lemon with the lime, one small seeded jalapeno, and minus the tomatoes and oil. Then I leave it in the fridge overnight. It’s also a very cost effective food to take to BBQs over the summer. I was taking booze or guacamole for a while and spending more than the people hosting the event!

  2. sillyliss says:

    Is cilantro kind of minty and makes your breath feel all nice? Yet looks like parsley? I had some last night, I think, and while I enjoy it, I feel like it takes away something from the other tastes. I’m weird.

  3. myhonestself says:

    Ok I love this idea!! I’m totally in, I need to get out of the food rut I’ve gotten myself into!

  4. sybaritica says:

    I hate cilantro but the rest of that salad looks delish!

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