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on May 21, 2012

Do you know what’s greater than a park with big plastic dinosaurs to climb on?

Finding two new parks in one week!

What did the world ever do before Google? I used the satellite images near my neighbourhood to try to identify some possible parks, and whaddya know, I found some 😀 The…’Zipline Park’ is about a 15 minute walk from the house, and the ‘Dinosaur Park’ is at least 20 (today it took us 45 minutes because the kids wanted to walk the whole way (say that in a whiney and mocking voice…yepp, that’s my voice)). This is a slight increase from our normal 10 minute-away park, let’s call it ‘First Park’ but these are better because they’re new.


New means that the kids are more excited and involved and THAT means that they leave me alone for a longer period of time.

There is nothing better than relaxing on a bench with my travel-mug of coffee, while my kids entertain themselves. Nothing!

We have to walk up a nature-y trail type thing to get to Dinosaur Park and there are these lovely gardens by the business at the entrance of this trail. They have awesome tulips, and I love tulips but I have a black thumb. And I’m lazy. Soooooo lazy. Imagine my surprise when we were heading home and some of the tulips had been ripped out of the ground! Shock! Dismay! And then: opportunity.

I would never, never, never, never, NEVER take flowers from someone’s garden – business or personal – without their permission, but these flowers…well they had been torn out of the ground by an animal of some sort. My money is on a dog who likes to dig. The stems had been broken and severed, and many flowers had been crushed. As I gazed at the destitute pile of pink and green it dawned on me: these flowers were going to be thrown in the trash.

So I took some.

And they sat proudly on my dining room table for more than a week.

PS! Today is the last day for the Spring Beauty Photo Challenge! Take your picture and submit it by midnight EST tonight!


4 responses to “Bi-Winning

  1. kebibarra says:

    Good times! My guy would go nuts over that dinosaur!!

  2. betsyk1 says:

    A park with dinosaurs?! You Canadians are so spoiled! 😉

  3. Nice! Nothing better than relaxing at a park and letting the kids get some independent play in.

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