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The Spotted Horse

on May 20, 2012

The Spotted Horse


Definition and Illustration by: Ally

It has five legs.

It eats grass.

It also moos kinda like a cow. Moves slow though.

He also is friendly.

He has a baby. It’s behind him so you can’t actually see it.

It likes people.

When I was a baby I use to see ones like this with my daddy. There are lots like this all over.

They move slow. They like when you pet them. There are babies all over the place too.

They eat flowers and grass and weeds – that’s what their favourite food is.

One day they just run really fast and they also move slow.

They have hair on their back and all of their parts to keep warm in the winter and from snow.

They love when people call them pets.


3 responses to “The Spotted Horse

  1. One day she’ll be glad you saved that moment for her.

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