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The Quest For Sun Hats

on May 19, 2012

I have been looking everywhere for sun hats. And by ‘everywhere’ I mean ‘at, like, four different stores’ and I can’t find ANY with chin straps! Apparently if you’re older than 2 or younger than 30 you don’t need a chin strap on your hat. Phooey! That’s what I say! The wind still blows andI have to chase after the hats that blow freely from my kids’ heads and fly down the street. Argh! MY HAT has a strap on it. I got it from Dollarama and it came with an elastic. It is awesome. My hands are always full and it stays on my head. I didn’t go looking for a strap for MY pointy head, but it came on this lovely straw hat that was there, so why not!

I was at Walmart with Aunt Jodi, and I was expressing my frustration at not being able to find any. She suggested that I just buy hats and sew straps onto them. A good idea, but I wasn’t going to pay $8 per hat and then make adjustments, so I delayed my purchases to the next time I went to the Dollarama.

Guess what I found when I went to Dollarama that next time. Straw hats!

The green one (Ally’s) looks like a smaller, green version of mine. Want to know something amazing? There are no straps on them. That’s right. They’re the same hat that I have, from the same store, but there are only straps on the adult size. Whaaaaaaaaaa?

I bought them anyways for $1.50 each hat and brought them home to adjust. I used some leather cord I had lying around, and threaded each end through the side of the hats.

I then began digging around in all of supplies looking for beads with a big enough hole to run the leather cord through to create a fastener-thingy for tightening the chin strap. I found one. Then I found something better!

This is a tightening bead-doo-hickey thing-a-ma-bob from a cloth bag I had, that once held a bedding set. Whoa-hoh! Guess who had two of those bags. It’s me! I had to dig the second one out of the donation bag in the basement, but I found it and was able to put one on each hat!

Here is a picture of the hats in use, when we went to the zoo for our Mother’s Day celebration…day…

Yay! They work so well and hold up on windy days. Wide brims are great for sun coverage, and they are light enough not to trap the heat! I’m rather proud of myself.


2 responses to “The Quest For Sun Hats

  1. lorajbanks says:

    OMG. They were amazingly cute BEFORE the hats…now you’re just rubbing it in.

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