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Au Courant Fare

on May 18, 2012

au courant – in the current

fare – food; diet

Every week I will challenge myself to try new recipes from around the interwebs. New, and easy recipes because my cooking skill is…subpar…and my energy level is minimum! The challenge is to try at least ONE new recipe each week, and to critique and photograph these creations. I will post this every Friday. Yay for challenges!

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This week I tried:

Spinach Lasagna Rolls

This recipe comes from omnomalicious and as soon as I saw the picture, I was hooked! I love lasagna. LOVE. love. In a deep dark way. But I have never succeeded at making lasagna because…let’s be honest, it seems hard. ONCE A MONTH (on average) is how often she makes these. I can see why! They are super easy to make, and the only ingredient that I don’t normally have is ricotta cheese. I am pretty cheap, and may or may not (see: most likely will) substitute the ricotta out next time, and then if it tastes like poo I’ll bite the bullet and put it back in. $7 for a tub of cheese?! C’monnnnnnn.

Cheapness aside! Delicious. And if I make these for company then I will make them the exact same way I made them this time. Which is pretty close to her recipe. First, I cooked the noodles according to the package directions for al dente. It took me 7 minutes. Then I drained them, rinsed them, and left them in a bowl while I went out to the park with the kids. This way they could cool down for me to handle them AND I didn’t have to cook them later. Win. Because I’m a rebel (see: have OCD and like to split things evenly) I made 12 noodles instead of 9. *gasp*

This is what they looked like when I got back to making the rolls later in the day. Still delicious. A little sticky, but quite manageable. I then laid the noodles flat and mixed together one tub of ricotta (her recipe said 15oz which is something like 466 grams (yay, online converters) and I used a 475 grams tub. The whole thing), an egg, 1/2 cup parmesan, 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella, and 10oz (I used 12 balls) of frozen chopped spinach.

I then scooped a loose 1/4 cup onto each noodle and smacked it flat with my spoon. It was around this time that I realized that I forgot to put in the italian seasoning, salt and pepper that she recommended. Sigh. So I lightly sprinkled some black pepper all over the mixtured noodles.

I started at the most awkward looking end (any that were a little broken or misshapen) and rolled those bad boys up! Since I made 12, it was easy to lay them in a 3×4 pattern in my pan which was already covered in a thin layer of 1/4 can of tomato sauce. I believe my casserole dish is a 9×13. Believe because I just put the kids down and took out the trash and all of the bags were really heavy and they started to rip *inhale* and there’s no way that I am going to get up and go into the kitchen just to check the dimensions of my casserole dish. No offense.

Then I smothered those delicious rolls in the other 3/4 of the can of tomato sauce, and on my own initiative, covered them with tinfoil.

Bake for 30 minutes on 350F anddddd voila! Amazing-tastic, delicious-face, spinach lasagna rolls. Thank you, omnomalicious!

These rolls left so many possibilities for throwing in different, finely chopped vegetables and meats that I am eager to try more variations.

Super simple – so says me – so you should definitely give this a try!

Also, I forgot to take a picture after they came out of the oven, but we only ate half of them that night and I remembered to take a picture after we were done. What? I’m working on it! At least I remembered to take pictures during the making of said deliciousness this time!


11 responses to “Au Courant Fare

  1. kebibarra says:

    Ummm, hello you’re like AMAZING!!!! That looks awesome, I’m going to have to get my husband the recipe lol (yes, I know it’s sad..he does the cooking and what’s even sadder, I’m not ashamed….ok maybe a little. Good Friday to you!!!

    • I wouldn’t be ashamed. Phil is a great cook, and he’s an even better baker! I can’t bake so I let him handle all things-sweet. 😀 I’d be embarrassed, but I’m not. His food is delicious!

  2. I’ve never made a decent lasagna, but this looks like something I could handle. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  3. pamasaurus says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed these! Thanks for featuring my recipe 😀

    I grabbed the badge and will get it posted as soon as I get a few minutes!

    Also, $7 for ricotta? CRAZY! I get mine at the grocery store for a lot less than that!

  4. Thanks for the recipe! I’ll make this next week and tweet your post!

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  6. […] frenzy you may or may not stumble upon the leftover lasagna noodle that you purchased to try Spinach Lasagna Rolls, the fact that they were in a cupboard that’s not even for food should inspire you to use […]

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