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Spring Beauty – Photo Challenge

on May 15, 2012

I’m starting another new thing! Yay!

Well, if you’re not excited then maybe we can’t be friends.

I am issuing a challenge. A photo challenge to be specific. The theme of this photo challenge is “Spring Beauty”, so what I desire of you is this:

  • take a picture of something beautiful that happened because of spring! (plant life, animals, sunny-sky-times, new baby(ies), etc.) Be creative!
  • include your coffee in the picture. Tea is also acceptable. Or hot chocolate. A hot beverage of some form.
  • submit the photo to me! Either email me: or post the photo on your own blog and link the living snot out of it!

My plaaaaaan (since this is the first photo challenge, coffeepoweredmom has no legal or moral obligation to uphold these standards. There may be slight or drastic variations of which the interwebs will be informed) is to collect the photos and then put them all in a posty-post for everyone to vote on! The photo with the highest votes will be….drumroll please…turned into a badge that will declare you as a winner, that you can display on your blog sidebar! Or footbar. Or whatever, it’s up to you really, it will be your badge. I will also display the winning photo with linksies and credit and such on the Photo Challenge page that I will create after the winner is decided!

Okay. Timeline. I think one week seems sufficient, so photos must be submitted and/or linked to by midnight EST on May 21st. Of course, I won’t be awake at midnight, so you could sneaky-send it to me and as long as I receive it before I sit down with my morning coffee I will look the other way. Yepp, lenient. Rules? The photo must contain a hot beverage vesicle! If you do not drink any hot beverages then you are weird. But you can always fill a mug with water! Or leave it empty… MUG! Another rule: the photo must be yours! I’m not going to go to any great lengths to verify this, but don’t be lame.

*whine* participaaaaaaaaate!

Here is my example! I may or may not (see: definitely will) take another photo and submit it with everyone else’s. So there. And if I win, because I’m awesome like that, I’ll brag like snot and then give the prize to second place. Generosity. I will search the interwebs for a voting doo-dad to stick with the photos (I’m going to number them so you can vote: 4! or 12! (Ha! 12, I’m being optimistic about participation)) and if I fail, then we will accept comment voting. I shouldn’t fail though. I’m awesome. So it turns out that there’s a poll doo-daddy right here that’s a ‘sister’ to WordPress or something, so we’ll be good for the poll. Everyone will get to vote, I’m still trying to decide if you should only get to vote for one photo, or if I should make it multiple choice so you can vote for all the ones you like. Thoughts?

Oh right! Example. Sheesh, I’m all over the place.

This is the tree in front of my yard. It grew dark purpley-red leaves first and then blossomed into these lighter flowers. It makes me smile when I see it.


14 responses to “Spring Beauty – Photo Challenge

  1. kebibarra says:

    HA! “I shouldn’t fail though. I’m awesome.” I LOVE IT and I love this idea!

    • Thank you! I’m hoping it all pans out and we get a lot of participation. Prize-giving is not my forte, but I’ve recently realized the power of badges so… 😀 tahdah!

  2. victorialb says:

    what a fun idea! i love that bush in your yard…lovely.

  3. homebythebay says:

    I love hot beverages AND spring things, though rarely are they combined. Perhaps if I bring a plant to Starbucks? Dilemmas…

    • Perhaps Starbucks has some sort of spring themed promotion? I know Tim Horton’s has fake plants inside, but they’re a year round thing. Ice Caps are seasonal…hahaha!

  4. stephicakes says:

    Cute idea! I plan to participate. ALso, you can post those things to your sidebar? I am so internet stupid!

    • Yes! If you go to your dashboard, then on the left side click on “Appearance” then Widgets, there’s one called Image. Drag that to where you want it and then ‘insert image URL” is one of the choices. Copy and paste!

  5. myhonestself says:

    It is on my Long Weekend To Do list now!!! Great idea!!

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